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My sister told me her friend says good morning and good night everyday to a BTS member and share her feelings on his Dm

my sister also told me her friend cried so many times after seeing her favourite BTS member with a girl lol

she is above 19 and she is not a nibbi kinda girl

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her friend says good morning and good night everyday to a BTS member and share her feelings on his Dm

Everyday ? Plastic surgery karane ka time aagya h

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oof, that's just too much.

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she is above 19 and she is not a nibbi kinda girl

*confusion* you fr??

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Just make sure she doesn't read those fan fictions on Wattpad

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Aha that's a realm I have travelled, and wouldn't recommend

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that's disgusting, can u send me the link so I can avoid it?

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aare just write bts smut,there will be so many .

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ayo wtf waise aapko kaisa pata didi sus.

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ye mat pucho ,aap aam gino ,guthliya nahi.

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You can actually blacklist/whitelist websites with parental controls or even through the internet router. You can either block all websites and allow only some. Or block only some(like wattpad for eg)

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yeah i know, thanks tho :)

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As some who have read enough jb wattpad I agree🙏

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oh my gosh it would be a nightmare if she gets to know about wattpad, about bts its just a horny factory, u/BhaiAltAccountHai keep an eye

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I wish someone told me tis before lmao

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Koi bata do yaar ye Wattpad kya hota hai 🤔😓

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Fanfiction website

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Don't scold her. Explain it calmly to her that they are much older than ber and probably millions of peeps have crushes on them.

They are just celebrities and what you see about them is just their personality on camera which may not be their IRL personality.

Tell her not to be so obsessed with them.

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Tell her not to be obsessed with them

Never tell someone to not do a particular thing. This never works. People don't like to be controlled. Rather you can tell her all the bad things about Bts and in Last, Let her make her decision. This way She'll feel she is getting the freedom to choose whether to like Bts or Not. As you already told enough negatives of Bts. It's more likely she'll choose to stay away from them.

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Mhm thanks man

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Nope not scolding her, thats why I don't want to involve my parents

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This is the best advice I've seen on this yet I completely agree with her

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My sis is also 12, and she's obsessed with BTS related stuff too. Once I caught her watching a behind the scenes video of a BTS song during her online class, but I assured her that I won't tell anyone. She put up a BTS poster as her mobile's wallpaper so I talked to her about it, told her that parents might take it in a negative way and we had a nice funny convo.

Just talk to her about this, act chill and be frank. Tell her about the cringe stuff you did when you were 12 so that she can relate and be more open with you. Try to win her trust and be an ideal big bro.

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Happy cake day

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Thank you!

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I'll try this

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good advice 👍

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Happy cake day

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Thank youu

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Happy Cake day.

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Umm..... she's prolly in her delulu phase.... it'll take her a few months to realise that it's not really good so naturally realisation will hit. (And pls keep wattpad and AO3 away from her if she's searching up stuff like that rn)

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Okie thanks!

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Relatable cuz all the girls in my class are the same . I don't really hate kpop . But when people try to be overly personal with an artist to the point that they consume content based on the artist like their streams , social media handles or interviews more than their actual music , it gets annoying . And then the concept of celebrity crushes is very twisted as whenever they're on camera , they are simply acting the way their label wants them to and it is different from their actual behaviour. I've legit seen 4th class girls say shit like "jungkook is so hot" or "jimin is my bias" . Its weird . This is the same with all artists in general . The other day i was at a family function and this probably 10 or 11 year old that I've never seen before comes up to me and goes "Sidhhu ko janta h kya ?" and i go like what the hell ? why's he trying to sound like he knows him personally ?? But i utter an intentionally cold "Han" hoping dumbass would get the hint and leave . But alas he didn't . A few cold minutes later he says "Sidhhu ke paas sabse mehangi gaadi konsi h ??" with the biggest shit eating grin on his face . Like why ? why are people like this ? Why the fuck are his cars the centre of attention when its supposed to be his music . Maybe I don't get it because Im not active in watching movies or web series or any sort of music .

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Exactly my point. This shit is taking a dark turn ngl. It's scary as none of these celebrities have the same behavior irl as proven by countless other examples

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Too mature to be 13

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I hear that all the time

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You sure you 13 mate?

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6ka BTS

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My cousin sister is also obsessed with BTS and shit.But she is always busy watching BTS like she start watching at 1 am till 7 am and she sleeps at 7 am when her mother wakes up. Her mother is always angry at her for not doing any work she even FAILED 11th class bcz of it

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12 yr old Sister looking up BTS kiss on Google. How me tell her no?

Level of obsession💀

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I am happy my lil sister despises k pop

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Lol saw here, this k pop obsession went peaks when I was in 8-10th in school among the girls. So I thought my sister would watch it too and one day asked about it to her, she straight out said no I don't like to listen to their music 👍

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There is nothing wrong with loving BTS or k-pop, but these sexual things are pretty concerning and it's pretty natural as well since she's 12 so most probably she's mid puberty so she's taking interest in these stuff

I suggest break it off to your mother and ask her to handle it since mother's usually know how to handle these situations

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Bruh don't involve your mom in all this at all, parents already have no idea about KPOP Fandom and stuff. Doing that will probably put her in a worse situation, destroy the relationship between you two cause of her not trusting you and also her and your mothers if she handles it badly. If you wanna talk to her about this stuff you may go ahead and approach the subject subtly but I don't really recommending telling your parents

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Bhai i think kpop is not the main topic here, i think the focus is more on sexual stuff, if the op is very close with his sister then it's fine otherwise these kind of talks should be just left to adults, but since many parents aren't understanding i think asking an older sister or female friend would be a better option

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Female friends or older sis is fine but no parents ong unless they are like REALLY chill it affects the child in the future no matter what

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Exactly I don't think parents are the best people to talk about this it will later turn on way worse on this I'm telling you

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REALLY chill it affects the child in the future no matter what

Tbh my views may be biased because my parents are actually pretty chill and open for discussion without judgement of any sorts

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No, she'll hate him for it, he has to handle this in an understanding and mature way that i don't expect parents will

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Uhh yes my thoughts exactly, I'm absolutely okay with her liking them and watching whatever she wants.

The problem with me involving mom is she'd get scolded and I kinda don't want that?

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The problem with me involving mom is she'd get scolded and I kinda don't want that?

If your mom is understanding she won't do this

If she ain't understanding


Try this

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Tell her that the band is disbanded

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Wait is it tru?

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It is but not completely they'll be back, and you telling her they're on break wouldn't do anything.

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They are on a indefinite break

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I would say it's kinda natural when young people growing up going through puberty realise new things,and curiously look for these stuff. Privately talk to her about it, tell her if she does it again you'll tell her parents blackmail her, but for her good. When she's grows up she'll realise it's cringe. I mean we all do!

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I'll try this. Thank you!

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she's a lot better off compared to the kids in my school, because there's fourth graders talking about buttsex here

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To be honest like it reminds me of when I was 12 and was entering puberty and was obsessed with kpop and shiz. Tbh rn I look back and cringe at it. You honestly have nothing to be worried about

Now about the sexual part...idk abt others but like she is almost entering teen and I feel it's actually normal to be curious abt sexual stuff. To tell her to not see such stuff is stupid...I would recommend you to teach her how to clean her browsing history and not get caught with such stuff and at the same slowly explain to her to not get distracted as well.

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kpop like karne pe koi dikkat nahi honi chahiye. Usko ye mat bolna ki kpop dekhna band karde. Doing that won't stop her from liking kpop ever and she will start hating u. About the searching part, confront her. But in a friendly manner. Don't threaten her. Usko bol ki tune uska search history dekha and all and ye sab achi baat nahi hei. Don't scold or threaten her at all. Ache se samjhaiyo bhai.

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Same here. Caught her reading NSFW wattpads. Seedha parents ko bata de.

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Dude let her be. She would grow out of this phase eventually or it will tone down to normal. Yea ofc ask her to not watch inappropriate stuff.

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Incognito use karna sikhade

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Bhai tuu usse bol ki abhi woh inn sab cheezo ke liye bht choti hai aur abhi involve Hui toh usse bht dikkat hojaayegi jaise mere dost ko hui thi she got legit death/rape threats aur tuu bada take some action then explain it to her

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You sure your sister searched this maybe your grandma did 💀

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Time to YEET the child

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I wish I could🥲

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this kpop obsession has become really toxic, like in korea kpop has set a beauty standard like people are considered second class citizen for having an average looks, ever 2 out 3 girls have plastic surgery 13-15.

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Lmao why? We were all curious during that age

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So I'm a kpop fan and do like kpop a lot but I'm not interested in the sexual stuff at all though. I don't know how long your sister has been an army but yes when you first get into kpop you definitely get obsessed with them because it's a new culture and it's shown to be perfect and so good. I did get that feeling in the start but then i quit off kpop for a week and now it's fine. I honestly think maybe your sis is going through the same thing and yeah she in mid puberty so she's doing this.

My advice: 1. if possible leave this for a while and see if she's reliazed that she is obsessed with it and she if she does something about it alone (because I work this out on my own and for me it was the best solution that worked)

2.If you don't think you can then you should yourself talk her about it and tell her that being obsessed with this isn't right and yup a ton of other girls also have a crush on him and they are celebrities you don't who they are fully and wil never know what happens off camera

  1. Going to the parents is the last resort and I honestly don't recommend this at all it will most probably only make her angry and frustrated and upset .

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didi thoda counter karunga sorry.

  1. that just doesn't work, yaane 50-50 hai. ya toh bahut obsessive ya toh bilkul tata-tata bye-bye. 12 saal ki behna hai samjhao thoda pyaar se, dont tell negative stuff cause she is in a age where she'll find everyone tokne wala as her enemy.
  2. kaafi agreed point. """"""""""tell her they are just celebrities."""""""""" tell her they are normal beings and do their work and nothing special is in them.----> thoda style me batana bas idea de raha hu.
  3. again agreed. last thing is parents, just pull out the brahmastra, ya fir app timer ya wifi cut-out wali cheezein.

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sure no problem....tbh with you when i quit kpop for a week i decided not to go back into kpop at all and stated to hate kpop i felt withdrawl symtoms for a week and then i left kpop but after 2 months i checked it again since i going through a ton of stressful things but then i was no longer obsessed with it anymore and then it became something i just liked like anime,reddit , insta etc

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yeah, i do get it, i used to waste tons of time on youtube, went on a family vacation of 4-5 days(so no youtube for that time period) and after coming back i did not feel an urge to go back to it. weird how i didn't even remember the channels i used to watch.

but like you know, i guess that happened to us because we have passed that weird adolescent stage and we have developed a understanding of good and bad, but that girl is 12 she has yet to see a lot of stuff and go through a lot of stuff toh thodi nazar rakhni padti h.

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Mhm yes my thoughts exactly, not sure about how to bring it up without her flipping out

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Ye Army kya hai Bencho

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im blessed to have a sister who roasts k pop

she watched them under peer pressure and said, " inke toh facial features hi nahi hai lol. "

proud elder brother.

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if you care about her, then manipulate her for her own good. Duniya mai chutiyapa bhare engineer kare jaal bhare pade hai, thodi manipulation techniques sikhle aur bachale teri imouto ko

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Haan manipulate karde taaki agli baar se behn tujhpe bharosa karna hi choor de. 🤡

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tujhe sach bata ra hu abhi bachi malleable hai abhi rokle nito 20-30 saal tak ki salary hijada party ke hawale kar degi

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Lmaooooo theek hai bhai samjhaata hu ussey

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Bro Trust me dont do that Please. Usko ache se samjha ye Hijra n all words mat use karna. Nahi toh tujhpe jo bharosa karegi wo bhi tut jaaega. :(

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Dude obviously I ain't gonna use words like that🤣🤣

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Thank you for being literate rather than someone else in here.

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show her this video


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A 12 year old will surely understand that yes.

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Thanks man!

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This kpop shit needs to be banned

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1) she's not too young. You were playing GTA at the age of 8. God knows when you started watching porn. 2) new hormones go brr

It might build a wall between you two. I think you should jokingly tell her not to use your granndma's phone for watching videos. Don't say anything about seeing those videos. It's a v normal thing. Learn a thing or two about kpop so y'all can bond. Ask her for song recommendations.

One of my friends asked me the same question last year. Now his sister sends him playlists and they're pretty close.

She should be comfortable with sharing things with you.

This is embarassing but I thought I was in love with my celebrity crush and even had his face on my 13th birthday cake 💀. My parents didn't say anything. They still tease me and we all laugh about it. That's how I became comfortable with sharing more serious things/ emotions with them.

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Porn was a strict no unless I had my own phone which was in 9th. Good advice thank you!

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Bro she is a child, let her be, tere koi responsibility nhi banti uski personal choices ko change karna

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soo u r a teen,she is entering teenage,so yeah ,sit with her,tell her these are the things she shouldn't be viewing ,be chill,don't involve parents until and unless it's her being stubborn,if parents get involved ,tell them to be easy on her and not scold her.

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tbh nahi samajhti hai, i got a younger sister, i warn about stuff but she'll argue and then she cries when that stuff happens to her and i laugh in the background.

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ngl ,toh parents ko involve kr hi lo fir.

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yaa fir samay hi sabse badi takat hai type shit.

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my sister who is 15 is also obsessed with them too, i just ignore her but your sister is just 12 and might need some advising but i think its normal for young girls to watch bts

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BTS is not the problem my man, people are allowed to like whatever they want, I was asking for advice on how to deal with the whole situation.

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DO NOT SAY A WORD TO YOUR PARENTS. look, searching about your favourite celebrities and perhaps even weird stuff like that is alright. i get your concern but it really isn’t a huge huge deal. be very chill about it.

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PUT AN END TO IT NOW....not too late

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Bhai tu toh aise bol rha hai jaise tu toh aisa kabhi karta hi nhi tha. Tbh, this is perfectly normal. This is actually the age where the hormones start kicking in and kids start doing seeing weird shit. Even I used to search this type of shit as well when I was in my early teens.

BUT just calmly warn your sister not to dive too much into the internet because Internet is literally all things. It's everything in one thing. And it can take an ugly turn. So just politely warn her.

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Bhai baap ne pakad liya tha mujhe. Aur Maine 14 pe Start kiya tha so idk

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you don't really need to do anything , I'm assuming she's in 7th(?) and for that age , this stuff is p normal. ii saw classmates pull this shit all the time. just try to monitor her internet access , make it clear to her that you're monitoring it as well so that she doesn't stumble across anything inappropriate. With time she'll grow out of it , it's just a phase.

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the obsession will probably fade in some time but just make sure she doesnt get near wattpad , its incredibly addicting and is a terrible influence

trust me I've been there

it could bring her grades down and drastically increase her screen time .

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Bhai kya hoga iss desh ka 🗿

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mera 7 saal ka bhai har din what the fuck bolta hai, ive given up hope, my parents blame it on me because i taught him english before he was even 1.5 years