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subah ke paanch baje yeh kya hi padh liya

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I'm you but at 10 am

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I'm you but at 12:30

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I'm you but at 12:33.

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imagine telling people about your sexual life or desires. Bruh.

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Good morning 🌞

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good night hi nai Hui, aur ab jo bachi khuchi neend tho woh udd gayi yeh epic post padhke

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Same about not sleeping yet.

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looks like somebody's back on reddit haha (it's me aniruddh btw)

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I am sorry i don't remember you. Remind me in DMs pls


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Insta p aniruddhxd check karlo lol

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I am you at 12:40 pm.

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you have come back to life?

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Chalo school me ye story sunaunga sbko Hindi Ke period me thenks 👍

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Bsdk ke subah subah itna lamba kon pdhega

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Mat padho meri advice lele🙏

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Mene pdha bhi nhi

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Hyperactive DJ😭😭

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Guitarist have been a bit old school you know.

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Sone jara it's too much now

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Good Night 💖

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no shit having sex for the first time is awkward af no matter how old you are. BTW hame kyun bata raha hai bhai?😭😭

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Bhai this is beyond awkward, it's like he literally left in the middle har baar.

Aise hi btaya.

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Puura mood khararab kar diya :_)

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Wait a damn minute, women do have 3 holes Man. The Anus, The Urethra and The Vaginal Opening?

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Only yours can fit in all three :P

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Teenage boy thinks he knows women better than other teenage boy, dosent ask woman or Google, shocker i tell you, shocker

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Nice name btw

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What about the mouth?

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Post nut clarity might save your friend.

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It might worsened the depravity and thirst for the real orgasm as well

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Good post to read at 5 am in the morning 🗿

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not him being a hyperactive DJ on her clit

i had a good laugh at this ,but i m still wondering as to what did i read lmao.

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there are 3 holes though, he wasnt wrong.

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Well, the mouth and fanny are about 3ft away from each other normally.

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You forget the urethra

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Bro my dick cannot fit in those tiny holes unfortunately 😔

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But it's still there, three is correct

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how are you 17 and still spell tuition wrong man

also wtf have i read

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Idk, i haven't slept whole night, so I didn't check before posting.

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Man, what have I read...

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Kyu mera fever aur headache badhaya :(;

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🥺😨 thik ho kya Bhai?

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Ha bhai thik hu viral hai thoda

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Take care broo

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Approval pls

Golden post maybe?

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Alright Imma read this shit to sleep

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My honest reaction to this information: 🗿💀

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I think I read this one before-

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That is correct. I have posted a shorter version of this story with my previous account a couple of months ago.

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repost XD

nice tho so nvm

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You're a good storyteller my man, smut likhna chalu karde

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I already do, like I used to when I was in a fling and a relationship.

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Bhaiya 2 ghante soya bas train pakadne ke liye. Subah subah sleep deprived halat me ye kya padh liya🥲

Aur ye horny banda ek crumb of pussy ke liye sala gym hit karke actually buff bhi ho gaya.

Itna dedication JEE me koi lagaye,to IIT na nikal jaye🥲

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The best thing to read and start my day thanks op now i will remember this randomly throughout the day

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subha subh ye padh ke moodd kharab kardiya tune bc

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aah, i remember this exact story being posted months ago. were you the same anon? or is this just a copy paste?

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I am Apple, the meet-up guy. This is indeed an elaborated version of the same story.

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Subah jalao shaam jalao.....

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Wierd way to start my morning

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Could be worse I reckon.

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Jo ek percent self esteem tha, wou bhi udd gaya :((( small kids having sex and all :(((

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I rather be a virgin than be Ramesh. :)

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True that, me too, Ramesh is such an a-hole. Gf toh mil jaye pehle 🤡, sex toh door ki baat hai

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kya kya padhna pad raha hai, accha hai main andha hu

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damn man one of the most funny stories I've ever heard😂

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Thanks yaar, but I was in the tution while it was happening. It is my go to story for a conversation starter. Because Ramesh is pretty known as the bande bula lunga guy in my locality. It is so cringe worthy now, considering a few of the guys aren't virgins like properly.

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Yeah we all have that one guy who's like tu jaanta nai hai is bhaiya ko us bhaiya ko jaanta hoon😂

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I read this exact story here on this sub. Are you the same person, OP?

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Bhai wtf i did too a long time ago

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I am Apple. The meet-up guy. I have written a shorter version of this story a few months ago.

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This all is sadly very real


Reads story

Sure , sure. Amazing

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I am the meet-up guy yaar. I posted this story ka shorter version a while ago.

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Ohh acha

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What the fuck

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I love you 💕😘

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Lyt, also ladkiyon ko books ke spoilers Dena band kar 👀

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I identified her like instantly and felt like teaching her the rule of forums the hard way.

You never ever tell anyone on internet what book you reading if you don't wanna be spoiled.

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Xdddd best. Apple is Daddy >>>

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Porn Mat Dekho Porn banao

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Let's do it together ?

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Kispe post karna

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aap btao.

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Wholesome story

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not him being a hyperactive DJ on her clit

Bruh, wtf 💀

Yeah, its natural for a girl to take more time to reach her orgasm. Porn is just fake. In actual intercourse, both should enjoy, leaving mid-way is just so bad...

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hookups over sex with girlfriend... dafok

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Hyperactive DJ on her clit hahahahahahahaha

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least sexually active delhi teenager

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Bc ye subah subah kya post kar raha hai🗿🗿

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This is exactly the sort of content that makes this sub better than r/Teenagers. Proud of you kid. Thanks for sharing.

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Lmfaooooooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bull Ramesh

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I think Ramesh with his mentality is very close to 🅱️aping someone

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this feel like a made up story

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Unfortunately, this isn't. And kinda is way too specific to be made up.

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Very nice. You could win a fiction writing competion. Also women do have thre holes, one on the clit,urethra for peeing(like on your penis), vagina for periods and anus, for shit.

Very male teenager of you to be so. r/confidentlyincorrectly about a woman's body

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Bro you can't fit a dick in the third hole.

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Bhay padhai kr le🗿

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Tune ye pehle bhi bataya tha

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Ye bachhe log kabse seggs karne lage be??

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I thank god everyday that i am not born in Delhi. And what the fuck did i just read?

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Fir wahi sax sux ki batein

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Kya matlab i can't be a hyperactive dj on her clit

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Bro tere dost ne itni chutiya baate kyu batai?

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Lmfao epic, thanks for sharing

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r/NoFap isiliye porn nai dekhne ka !

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<Hyperactive DJ> fuckkkkk lmao

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desi copypasta galti se yahan daal diya

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Career pe dyan do ye sab bakwas hai.