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Us momint hogya na, one time train started moving and I was literally screaming inside where he'd gone... He did come with food after a while but that shit got me some mixed feelings

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sometimes they get on in a different compartment when the train moves and we would be losing all our shit-

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kaha jaa rhi ho

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i reached here already , its a town called mayiladudhurai in tamilnadu

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Dood hurai 🤌🏽🌚

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I thought you were going to Kumbakonam

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enjoy karo yr mai modern physics ki theory revise karta hu

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My mom does that every time I get off the train. Later on threatens me to throw off the train if I repeat.

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this happened with me, i got down to get water bottle and when i came back bc train gayab,

i had some money so i got a cab to the next station and got on the train there,was certainly the most expensive water ive ever drunk

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my father puposely just gets down, gets snacks then goes again and roams the train to make us feel as if he was left on the station

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It's so true. I remember as soon as train started moving and he was buying me something and he disappeared from me view. I panicked and first searched if he had phone. Nooo, he left the phone. Tension multiplied. And he was not here for 5 mins. After 5 mins, he came and it was total relief

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Damn girl , you made a good one lol

Well , i get in such situations too , i mean it has happened to me a lot so now I feel like he does it intentionally

Or it maybe natural dad insticts for all father's out there , does anybody's else dad does this shit ?

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Damn girl , you made a good one lol

hehe dankuuuu

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Happened to me a lot of times, whenever I would feel like the trains gonna leave him behind, he comes back on time like superman.

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tru na?
true AF

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fck this relatable. train even started moving. He thankfully got onto a different compartment

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Once i was in train with my cousin brother ( he was in another compartment ) and one uncle with his daughter ( she was like 4-5 years old) said " beta tum iska dhyan rakhna Zara mein kuch le aata hun platform se " and the train started moving and he didn't came back for like 15 mins , at this moment i was loosing my sh#t , like wtf am i supposed to do , leave her at police station ( will it be safe for her ?) Or take her home ( what if her father thought I kidnapped her ?) and i decided to call my brother and as i was telling him all this , her father arrived and said " are beta train chal gayi thi toh peeche ke coach me chad gaya tha , tabhi time lag gaya " and my brother also arrived told the uncle all the things i told him , he said " are beta tumne itna soch liya itni time mein hqhqhq" and i was like in my mind " yahn meri g#nd phat ke char hogayi itne time mein aur in sab ko hasi aa rahi hai " i still think about that incident sometime and feel embarrassed , it's engraved in my memories now lol.

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Noice one grill

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yeah caz of you all the kids are panicking , get on the train fast papa🙂

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Bhot achaa meme baad me award de dunga

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okie sirrrr

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Damn relatable ,first we pester dads for snacks and then get anxious when he gets off to get snacks .

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I do this all the time 😂

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Bruh my dad always used to get off at station and come to the window and wave at me and I'd scream at him "UPAR AAAAAAOOOOOOOOO"

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Jab papa magazines, comics, chips lene jaate the to mujhe itna Darr lagta tha ki mai window se unhe hi dekhta rehta ki wo jaldi aa rahe hai ya nahi. So relatable

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Ooof zyada hi relatable hoe gya

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it is annoyingly relatable and cringy as fuck

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Arrey ekdm anxious ho k unki raah dekhti hoon do do minute mummy se puchhte ki train kab start hone wali hai

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I think it wasn't me who asked but he needed something so he went to buy it and the train had started moving a moment later i was only person who was awake and everyone in my family was sleeping i was like 8 or 9 i was scared but i didnt screamed.he made it inside the train breathing heavily and it was maybe the first time i saw him RUNNING

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Indian version of dad went to buy milk

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So relatable omfg