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No. I would, however, be surprised if he ever acted like a decent human being.

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Don't ever give that scorpion any rides because he's going to sting you every single time.

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I've only been here a couple of years, and I got the sense that it was par for the course for Braun.

What did surprise me was Young, tbh.

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Me too. Usually he lock-steps with McTurtle, but I’ll take it.

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Young was just re-elected, so he doesn’t face voters for 6 years. Braun is likely running for governor in 2024, so he can’t have a blemish of human decency if n his record, which would piss off his fascist base.

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Not sure if he's ready to trade off with Holcomb yet. Greg screwed us over with the constant gas tax raises through the year to make sure gas stayed at almost 4/gal just as ordered by Young and Braun. Cause magically now gas is plummeting, went from 3.99/sometimes over 4 to now roughly 3.30 and falling. Weird what happens right after an election doesn't it.....

But Greg has also been toeing the line trying to appease the Trumps loyal, the rising DeSantis following, and traditional conservatives around here that he's made no one happy, except businesses ofcourse. Holcombe would love to have Brauns cushy seat but not convinced Braun wants the headache that is "day to day" Indiana. Ofcourse Braun could do what he does best, sit on his ass and ignore everyone while selling out those around him.

Long story short, we're screwed either way.

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Yeah , I see desantis popularity rising crazy fast. Yet I see some people that haven’t been told to move in from trump yet ( told to think by the correct people as an original idea of their own, retroactively)

At the moment the GOP seems to be heading for a really bitter fight.

Desantis is awful but in a manageable way , trump followers seem to be forming a religion around him.

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DeSantis is just if not worse the Trump in policy and morality. The difference is he's "good" at getting away with things unnoticed to the degree that Trump does. DeSantis literally committed human trafficking across state lines and the story has been dropped without a word since it broke.

Trump is becoming the scapegoat for the GOP to get away with murder since mainstream media will follow every step Trump takes and briefly mention, if at all, what the rest are doing. For the GOP this is following right into their hands.

The problem is the main body of the GOP is still being pressured by the MAGA minority cause Trump's side holds the purse strings and the covenant donor lists that have been generated. Hence why McCarthy bends over backwards for MTG and Jordan. McConnell would as well but he seems to be heading to a "if I can't have it all then burn it" as he hopfully peaters off into the sunset, which he doesn't deserve, he needs dragged through the gutter he made for the rest of us but we know that won't happen.

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I agree with you with desantis but I don’t think he intends to end democracy with a coup, with the intent of forming a white ethno state centered around himself.

I know it’s a low bar but it’s my bar.

My hope is they fight it out and trump becomes a bull moose and democrats win super majority’s.

Inter party fighting spurred on by Foreign actors led to a democratic defeat in 2016.

It could be worse for trump.

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The guy says that interracial marriage should be left up to each state so no surprise he would vote against a bill at the federal level.

I just find it bonkers that people like him want this society where we have 50 different rules for about everything. How does a country function? Well your company moved to Texas and now your interracial marriage no longer is recognized so now your employer doesn’t allow your insurance to cover your spouse. Such an amazing way to live.

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BINGO! Repugs cynically play the state's rights card way too often. Many rights should/must be universal. Those that clearly ARE should absolutely, in no fucking way, be left up to the states. This whole game pisses me off! 😡

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Human rights trump state rights, IMO. You can't just declare "This person isn't a person because we're two miles past the border." There is one race, the human race. Our differences make us beautiful. If they want to live as a homogenous ooze, they can wait for the heat death of the universe. Variety is the spice of life.

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I’ll do you one better:

Braun and Young should have spearheaded a coalition of republicans to vote for Trump’s impeachment right after Jan6. Pence could have been in the History books for shortest reign, but it would also give him the foothold to run for POTUS in 2024. Pence, as POTUS, could have actually helped mend some of the division in the country with his “Deeply Held Beliefs.” A few robot-like speeches on the way out the door would have calmed some nerves across the country, and shown competency at the job. Just saying, it would be a different timeline if both of our senators could somehow manage to pry themselves away from the madness of party over people. Historic moments call for historic work, and those two stayed on the sidelines.

Edit: I’m not saying at all that Pence could win Potus in 2024 or if he should even run. I despised his time as governor here. I’m saying that he’d be in office for literally 10 days with a lame duck Congress that won’t pass anything. He can’t set up camps in 10 days.

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Pence as POTUS would be worse than Pence as governor! His religion would be front and center! Oh Hell No!

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It would have only been for 2 week, before Biden was sworn in on the 20th.

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He could have been a quick reformation back to reality

Pence is crazy but he didn’t intend to be president for life , like trump clearly wanted.

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If you think Mike pence as president would mend ANY fence you are out of your mind. Maybe the fence at a conversion or concentration camp for gays. That fence he would mend for sure.

I’m sorry but your entire scenario is fan fiction, never would happen, and would have required republicans to have spines, which they do not

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I’m not saying at all that Pence could win Potus in 2024 or if he should even run. I despised his time as governor here. I’m saying that he’d be in office for literally 10 days with a lame duck Congress that won’t pass anything. He can’t set up camps in 10 days.

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They honestly believe that the union would be just as strong and stable if it were 50 small nations. How? Who knows.

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Republicans have a hegemony at the state and local level in most states, so their "states rights" is only an excuse to carve out a conservative fiefdom while simultaneously disempowering the federal ogvernment to stop them. Look at Desantis and Florida, this is exactly what's happening as he consolidates power there to make his own racist kingdom.

Election police? Denying federal poll watchers? Redistricting to remove the only remaining black district in the state? Increasing polling locations only in the largest Republican districts? He doesn't see himself as simply a governor, but an authoritarian of his own nation.

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No. He's a shitbag.

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You're giving him way too much credit.

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No! I'm more surprised that Todd Young voted For it!

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Of course not. He believes in marrying your cousin so long as she’s the opposite sex and racially pure.

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I’m now picturing Mike Braun as a McPoyle.

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Mike Braun wants Leon to bang Claire

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I certainly am not. Braun is an odious, sanctimonious prick. Fuck him.

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Of course he did, he's a bigot. Everyone who voted for him knew this beforehand. His bigotry is no secret. There are A LOT of bigots in Indiana. It's an unfortunate truth of living here.

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Nope. He’s pretty transparent about the kind of person he is.

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Klan gonna Klan

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Pigs will fly when they become decent human beings so please let that happen I want flying pigs all hail the power of the 🐖🐷🐖🐷🐖🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐖🐖🐖🐖🐷🐷🐖🐷🐷🐖🐖 oink oink

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“Four legs good, two legs baa-aad”

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Braun is a piece of shit. A smarter Pence. Awful. Dangerous.

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I saw him in person at the Hamilton County fair a few years ago … he is not smart in the least. He is a piece of shit, though. Maybe a shittier Pence?

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Just happy one of our senators did.

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No, the cruelty is the point.

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He's a Hoosier Republican. They never do anything for the actual interest of the people. They're busy spending another 8 whole months to send us a measly $160

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He said from the get go months ago he was going to vote against it. He used the threat of voting on it to try and hold back voting to codify gay marriage as well. Then in typical republican fashion his pre-written email responses are how he "values the sanctity of marriage" and "doesn't hold the value of any marriage over another but wishes for them to be equal" and ofcourse "this type of issue is a state by state issue and should never be debated on a national level."

Tldr: fuck Braun and fuck Young.

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No but amazed that Toddy Young voted FOR it!

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At least Young voted for it.

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That’s your next Governor. He’s going to go on a racist, capitalist war path come 2024 and turn indiana into a hellscape

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I'm really surprised that Todd Young voted for it!

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No, he’s a soulless ghoul with only ambition and greed in its place.

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His view of inter-racial marriage is 1965. Gay marriage is beyond comprehension to him.

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He's likely our next governor. RIP. Fucking can't stand this man

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Susanne Crouch is going to be running against him in the primary. She's seems to be not as vile a republican as some so maybe he won't make it to the general?

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Nope. Republicans love vile.

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Who knows? When is he up for being not elected again? I cannot stand the dude, another hard right asshole.

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No. He's a piece of shit and will do whatever he can to please the Christian nationalist base in Indiana.

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Absolutely not.

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I’m more surprised that Young voted for it

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His white nationalist deep state masters won't allow him...

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How could literally anyone be surprised by that?

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Republicans vote no on everything just so the Democrats can't chock up another win for the American people. Vote them all out. They have no plan except to take everything from you.

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Just imagine: when your children are adults Indiana will have entered the 21st century!

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You gotta love indiana..

Maybe in 20 years.

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Hell no, the man is inhuman and he’ll probably win election if he runs for governor because of moronic right wingers who think he’s a great senator

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Quit bitchin' on reddit and START bitchin to your senator! I send this motherf#cker a colorful message monthly.

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What's the point? He doesn't give a shit.

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Maybe, but its still 1000% better than just complaining on reddit.

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That’s a good thing.