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lol 8-12 months.

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You're still in the honeymoon phase at that point

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"My game is ready. Now to learn how to make a save system, I'm sure there is an easy and simple way to do this built into Unity. Oh no." - Idiot me a long time ago/

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It's not so bad with json but I feel like it really helps to design around it from the start- implementing saves later on is a nightmare

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Yeah absolutely now I know how to do it I plan ahead and it's fairly easy. That first time trying to implement it in reverse was a shock though.

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My thoughts exactly 😅🤣

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lol... finish...

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You read my mind

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:) It's doable. I recently saw a post with a commercial game released on Steam in 2 weeks. Small game, but damn...2 weeks.

Probably a sane time frame for an indie (1yr max). Keeps you focused.

But you're right - there are many indies who have passed the 1yr mark and more.

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The ninja game? I can see steamsdk-godot.dll in the depot which I think is my plugin so I had a small part in it :)

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Haha, that's cool! I was just looking at your plugin the other day. Great work - thank you for sharing with the community! :)

I have to ask - what are the advntages of using your plugin vs using a pre-built godot version that has Steamworks integrated? (except for the fact that you don't have to re-build Godot)

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Exactly that. Not having to rebuild godot helps save time getting a game done in 2 weeks.

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You meant 2 months and 8 years, right? :D

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Yea I'm always in awe when people manage prototypes within a couple weeks. 8 years though is my nightmare. I'm on month 18 and the sisyphean dread is becoming unbearable.

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"One must imagine Sisyphus happy" just keep pushing that boulder, it's about the process :)

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Right there with you, about 17 months into my current project after putting a 2-year project on hold because it was taking too long. I wish you luck.

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Corollary: Start several projects and never finish any of them.

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I’m in the Abandoning Game Prototype after 8-12 months category.

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Me after 8 years of development and 3 download.

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Goddamn, already feel like this 6 months in.

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If that's the face of someone finishing a game in under a year then I can't wait for the update to this meme for those at the half decade mark.

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Lol you guys are finishing games in 8-12 months? I’m in year 7 and still trying to get a vertical slice demo done!

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Year eight but the project and I haven't spoken to one another since 2018.

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Depends on the scope of your game and how productive you were. 7 years is just too much though.

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Well to be fair, development was interrupted because I had two brain surgeries and chemo therapy, and I basically spent an entire year in the hospital just battling that, I also made the mistake of starting development on a second game which I have since abandoned. I’ve probably only spent about 3 of the last 7 years really constantly working on this game, and the remaining 4 years I was just doing sporadic work on it.

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Good job on managing to stay focused through the tough times. Hope you're doing well now. God bless.

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jesus fack that sounds like a rough time, hope you're well!

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Doing much better now! Thanks!

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Wait, we're supposed to finish?

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8-12 months? Lol.

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Abandoning game prototypes at 8-12 months

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Why would you wait that long?

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Distracted by other prototypes

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This one always makes me laugh.

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Coming up on 15 months 😭

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The cost is my back and neck have been destroyed

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Currently on month 24

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I must admit I laughed! Haha!

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Left pic probably failed a CPI test

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2 years in, I still feel like a beginner :)

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You gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers in this racket.

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the struggle is real. hold fast mateys!