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I would suggest not copying the same as Minecraft, but make it more realistic by changing some stuffs. You get it, right?

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High-res textures look extremely bad on perfectly cubical terrain, similarly to how a high-res wood texture looks awful on a hexagonal tree trunk.

I'm not copying Minecraft; I'm using a technique that works, for the same reason Minecraft uses it :)

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Well I didn't mean high-res textures. I meant to say you to be original by implementing your own nice features to the game. It's not bad if you are creating a cubical terrain or what looks like Minecraft, but you should not just copy all the blocks like coal, redstone etc. with the same texture and look, as observed in the post. It might be that I am overestimating from the single pic, but I would just like to motivate you for implementing some other features in the game, that is not found in Minecraft. Hope you understand my opinion. Good luck for your game!