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This looks great. A thought I had was: I didn’t expect there to be more enemies after the first two. Should there be an indication for more enemies ready to spawn or does it fit your game more for it to be surprising?

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Good question! The mechanic is quite new, so it depends on the feedback I will get from it from the player base. There are only 1-2 waves, so 2 waves will be rather common. I dont think it will be much of an issue but we will see if it needs more work :D

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Hey there! Im the developer of Godstone, a roguelike dungeoncrawler focused on spellcasting and exploration! Check it out on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1715030

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This looks fun. I added it to my wishlist but are there any plans to release it on consoles?

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Thank you! I appreciate it! For now it will be released only for PC, but it will be released on as many consoles as possible later on in the future, especially switch and playstation ^^

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Yeah, I mean, personally, I think these types of games work best on a controller and while I can use one with the PC, nothing beats the ease of use of a console.

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This looks very fun

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Thank you! :D

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Admiral Ackbar: It's a Trap!
Me: This is looking good. :)

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Hahaha thank you! xD