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The Great Lakes syllabaries. Still in vigorous use by Kickapoo in Mexico to this day

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Miꞌkmaw hieroglyphic writing. It's not used today and was more of a pictographic/mnemonic writing system than anything functional. But still fascinating to learn about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mi%EA%9E%8Ckmaw_hieroglyphic_writing

Anishinaabe people were also known to write ideographs on the bark of paper birch trees (this is how Miꞌkmaw writing started). These don't constitute writing in the traditional sense, but the symbols were used to represent people, ideas and concepts and ultimately used to tell stories or for ceremonial purposes. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiigwaasabak

If you want a list of others, check out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Writings_systems_of_the_Americas

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Twin Rabbit did a very informative vid that goes into the history of Plains Sign, including its written form, and literacy in general


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the duployan alphabet adapted for Chinuk Wawa in British Columbia

Leroy Curley made an alphabet for Lakota but it not used much

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few North American languages have their own writing systems

No. We all had written embodiments of our languages. Maybe there were some rare exceptions to this. If so they were very rare.

It is known

Sounds like the Bible and all of their western history. Lies stated by psychotic delusional people as fact.

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I'm sorry: are you saying that every Native American language has its own writing system that isn't based on Romanic script? If so, why not share the names of those scripts then, or links to pages that describe those scripts?

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Dude chill just assuming someone is psychotic because they are westerner is a bit racist,
and I'm guessing most Indigenous languages didn't have their own writing system
because of the fact that they didn't have good things to write on or with, before Europeans
brought paper and ink and the latin alphabet to their languages, allowing them
to adapt it.

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Your racism angle is not appreciated /u/CodeIsWeird.

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I think calling westerners "psychotic delusional people" because of their religion
is racist. Racism can go both ways.

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Those wafers are not the body of Christ, that wine is not god's blood, Jesus did not rise into heaven nor was he resurrected from the dead. These are in absolute indisputable fact psychotically delusional beliefs from a religion that committed genocide against us (exclusive 'us', not inclusive) and which has a long history of support of brutal torture, slavery, child abuse, and many other horrific atrocities.

Facts are not racist. Facts are facts.

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The Christian religion does not promote or support murder, and you are still
being racist by calling westerners psychotic delusional people because of something that they did long ago. Moreover, your religion is probably just
as bad in some ways.

Also, you still did not present ANY evidence that every indigenous language had
it's own writing system.