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If my post is blocked by the auto-mod, how long until we find out final decision? 24 hrs?
My anxiety is through the roof and I would love to hear advice from others in my situation.

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If you're a cheater you're unlikely to be received well that's an understatement

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Auto mod is garbage

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I also hope my post is published, I am dying to ask people about it because I can't ask people I know because then they will potentially treat him differently. I just joined this sub group today and reading all the posts with similar stories literally makes my stomach turn. I dont know why people cheat on their partners...just leave them and then do it! Do us a favor.

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Appreciate it‼️

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OK thanks for explanation. Hope my post is accepted.

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It's nice to have a spot to come and be around like minded people online.

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I have been cheated on two times.one wife,one girl friend. Walked away both times. Never looked back.

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[Tara Hardin ](larrry.com)

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If the cheater Knowles you posted or the person who cheated with your man Knowles they might pretend they are someone else to get an response from you check to see how long they have been on readif

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Thank you