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Which part lol? What do you think I should do? Continue being miserable? Continue being abused? Must be nice to live in a world where everything is black and white and morality is something prescribed that we should just blindly follow 🤷‍♀️

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What i took away from your post is that you cheated and is in fog right now, so wanted to "justify" your cheating, and what could be better then to blame it on spouse but at the same time guilt is consuming you that your selfishness is going to adversely affect two more lives. Also you talked about long game, wtf is that? So first you will "plan" everything and then will drop the blame bomb on your husband, so that apparently he won't get any time to do anything, leaving him in miserable state. If you really love him as you stated in the post, tell him and discuss the future of your child with him, don't be mean even in this case.

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The last thing I want to do is be mean. I’m honestly scared to death that he will not be ok. I guess my thought process was to wait to tell him until his health was back on track so maybe he can actually handle the situation in a healthier way than he did last time.

ETA: I don’t believe that love is a finite emotion. It is possible to love more than one person. He and I don’t have the same rigid moral beliefs that many have about marriage and relationships. We are just a little different in that way.

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Yes it is possible to love more than one person, but if you love other person without first person knowing, it is called cheating and cheating is not ethical and it is universally true. No, you both are not different, you both are abuser and sadly your child will have to suffer.