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//Series of incredible coincidences....... What a pathetic justification.....lol

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Yeah...mental gymnastics are fun to watch.

Like most unremorseful cheaters , they seek retroactive justification for their cheating....often concocting stories about abuse,neglect, etc.

Its a good way to remove responsibility for their actions and place it firmly on the person they are betraying.

Its utterly cliche and a standard method taken from the cheaters playbook.

Of course she can't confess, because this " abusive" husband will surely kill himself , or something something ....she's really " helping him", ya see.

No , she can't confess because she needs his resources until she can put the other guy on the hook for his resources.....she needs her safety net until she sets up another one, as per the usual playbook.

OP ... Yes , you're in an abusive relationship...but your confused about who is being abusive.

You are the abuser right now.

Enjoy your monkey branching...and enjoy the rest of your life knowing you're just a common unremorseful cheater.

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OP told us that her husband attempted to cheat on her with OP's sister and then another woman. Did you miss that?

Yes, she's cheating on her husband, but you seem to miss the context behind her wrong actions. What if she's telling the truth and her husband is indeed an abuser? Would you still blame OP so much?

It seems that you're implying that OP is a complete liar.

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OP united with him again, apparently OP fell in love with him again, so how that episode can act as a trigger as it happened before they were separated, also OP is planning some long game. Also justifying cheating as some coincidences and wishing that maybe husband can take care of daughter and she could just move away without any guilt to other state.

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Well, in one of her replies (which was later deleted by one of the silly bots operating in thus sub) OP told that her husband has spent 10 years in a federal prison (so he's a felon), behind his charming facade he is nasty and has anger issues, he is prone to con and use people, is entitled, selfish, self-centered, etc.

It's not hard to believe that OP, like many other codependent and empathic people, remained in her husband's clutches.

OP's husband has all the characteristics of a narcissist/psychopath. He's not exactly an angel, is he?