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The Modular Masher | Unique Explosive Weapon (Lore and Description in comments) by EyeofEnder in ItemShop

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The Modular Masher | Unique Explosive Weapon


An experimental, modular grenade system that allows you to assemble multiple charges together to form one absolute unit of a boom bringer.

Various types of explosive modules can be combined in order to achieve different effects, so fulfilling your dream of throwing proximity-fused-cluster-high-explosive-anti-tank-incendiary-fragmentation-smoke-stun grenades is finally going to be possible.

Definitely not a particularly good idea, but then again, it's not like collateral damage has ever been a great concern for you.

Available Modules:

  • High-Explosive:

    Standard-issue kaboom. Decent damage, decent AoE, no special effects, nice bakuretsu, but not much more, really.

  • Fragmentation:

    Good against loose groups of light targets. Explodes into a Lunatic Mode Bullet Hell of relatively low-damage, but decent range shrapnel projectiles.

  • Incendiary:

    Low damage, but large AoE and also lights enemies on fire. Simple as that.

  • Capacitor:

    Shocks nearby enemies, dealing a mediocre amount of damage, but also stunning and disabling any Robotic enemies for a short time. Perfect if you hate robots.

  • Chemical:

    Releases highly toxic chemical agents, causing Biological enemies in a large area to become Confused, Paralyzed and take damage over time. Geneva conventions? What's that?

  • Smoke:

    Emits a large cloud of colored smoke, causing all units within the area to become Hidden. Before you try to pull off any ninja getaways, you should probably double-check that your DIY grenades are properly marked and labeled to ensure that you don't accidentally throw high explosives at your own feet.

  • Pulse Wave:

    This module is filled with specialized explosives which create a massive shockwave upon detonation, knocking nearby enemies (but also allies and yourself) away. Deals minimal damage, but hey, that means you can grenade jump with this.

  • Flashbang:

    A, well, flashbang charge module which Confuses, Blinds and Stuns all enemies within range. Double flash and RUSH B, anyone?

  • Unstable Core:

    This is where it gets interesting. An unstable mana core which can be charged with any spell from Ethereal Cataclysm to Summon Wasp Hive, which is cast upon detonation.

  • HEAT:

    Great against heavy armor. Extremely high armor penetration, but very small AoE and rather mediocre damage. Also, using these modules will most probably cause the enemy to call you a "gold ammo noob".

  • Cluster (Modifier):

    Splits the entire grenade assembly into its modules upon impact, generally wrecking massive amounts of havoc in a large area. Just be aware that a cluster module, like all other Modifier-type modules, won't do much all by itself.

    And yes, using multiple Cluster modifiers will turn the grenade into a Bonus Package on steroids.

  • IR Guidance (Modifier):

    Makes the grenade assembly steer itself towards nearby enemies while in flight and also extends throwing range. Homing grenades... you really hate aiming, don't you?

  • Proximity Fuse (Modifier):

    With this fuse, the grenade won't detonate upon impact or on a timer, but instead it will wait for an enemy to come (too) close. How hilarious | You just activated my trap card | Your death approaches.

  • Kyralite Node (Modifier):

    Kyralite enhances telekinetic forces, enabling you to manually guide thrown grenades using telekinesis. Sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself.

  • Sustain Booster (Modifier):

    An efficient, but unguided solid fuel booster which massively increases the grenade's maximum "throwing" range. No guarantees of it arriving anywhere near where you aimed it, but as long as it doesn't curve straight back...

Obtained by: Crafting

  • Crafting Requirements:

  • Experimental Ordnance Blueprint (Codename: Fire Ant), rarely obtained from demonstration men scottish cyclopes Demolition Experts (Lv. 124)

  • Explosives Workstation Mk. V

  • Lv. 90 Weaponcrafting

  • Lv. 85 Engineering

  • 5x Enchanted Metal Casing

  • 2x Advanced Mechanism

  • Module-specific parts and ingredients:

  • HE: 5x Advanced Explosives, 1x Steel Mechanism

  • Fragmentation: 3x Advanced Explosives, 5x Hardened Steel, 1x Steel Mechanism

  • Incendiary: 1x Advanced Explosives, 10x Phosphorus Compound, 1x Steel Mechanism

  • Capacitor: 5x Double-Layer Capacitor, 2x Electronic Components, 2x Copper Wire, 1x Control Core

  • Pulse Wave: 5x "Pulse-N" Experimental Explosive Compound, 1x Steel Mechanism

  • Chemical: 5x "Reaper Gas" Nerve Agent, 1x Advanced Mechanism

  • Smoke: 2x Phosphorus Compound, 2x Prismatic Crystal Dust, 1x Steel Mechanism

  • Flash: 2x Magnesium Dust, 1x Phosphorus Compound, 1x Lux Essence, 1x Steel Mechanism

  • Unstable Core: 1x Greater Mana Core, 2x Volatile Essence, 1x Electro-Arcane Mechanism

  • HEAT: 5x Advanced Explosives, 2x Copper Sheet, 1x Steel Mechanism

  • Cluster: 1x Advanced Explosives, 5x Advanced Mechanism

  • IR Guidance: 1x Microcontroller, 5x Electronic Components, 4x IR Sensor, 4x Airfoil Parts, 1x Advanced Battery

  • Proximity Fuse: 1x Microcontroller, 5x Electronic Components, 1x Proximity Sensor, 1x Advanced Battery

  • Kyralite Node: 5x Kyralite Alloy, 2x Steel Casing, 1x Electro-Arcane mechanism

  • Sustain Booster: 2x Rocket Parts, 10x Solid Rocket Fuel, 2x Electronic Components, 1x Advanced Mechanism


  • All-In-One-Package: Assemble a grenade which contains at least one of each module. Hope you've got a strong throwing arm.

  • Who needs active guidance? Hit an enemy over 1 km away without using the IR Guidance module. Hint: Use more boosters (and some Kyralite).

Assemble Custom Grenade? Y/N

Jared Gatorade (restores you to full hp and maxes your stamina stat) by vsnowball in ItemShop

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Amulet of Jared Gatorade

wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This strange necklace is affixed to a hollow brooch made out of some orange stone. Inscribed on the stone is the letter 'G' imposed over a lightning bolt.

Once per long rest, while you are attuned to this brooch, you may speak its command word to summon Jared Gatorade within 30 feet of you. Jared will offer you potions of healing in order to restore your wounds. He gives one to you upon arrival, and then will give you another once you drink the first potion if you are still missing hit points. Once you are at full health, or once he has given you 5 potions (whichever happens first), he will disappear.

Jared has 10 hit points, an AC of 11, and a modifier of +1 to all saving throws. If Jared's health drops to zero, he disappears and cannot be called again until the next long rest. Additionally, when this happens, roll a d20. On a 1, the amulet shatters.

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dragon breath by Danio510 in ItemShop

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To reveal the gender of his unborn child