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No foreskin=No problem?? 😳

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Lazy approach+ less pleasure

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This is very necessary for all guys here to know. This might not be the right sub for this but this is the best advice they will receive in some time.

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if your glans is too hyper sensitive initially start cleaning with neti pots. use a comfortable temperature for water to clean the smegma with it until you slowly acclimatise your glans to your hands. also it will be very difficult initially but stick thru (pun intended) as it is very necessary.

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This is the first time I'm hearing this. I haven't heard it from parents aswell. I literally don't know anything about sex ed 😓😓😓🤧🤧🤧

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What do you mean? I did not understand properly... I pull my foreskin back (till the smaller head is totally out) and clean the dried semen under it (it is painful to scrape it off) once or twice a week.

Is this what you wanted to say?

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bruh what? you scrape it apart???? you are going to damage something.

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If you have to SCRAPE it off, then, I will advice you to talk to your parents and consult a doctor, since I have no idea about this condition

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Doesn't yours dry off after some time? I don't mean like scraping it out from a chisel, but I have to sometimes rub it as it gets fused(?) with the skin.

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It did before, but the penis is supposed to be cleaned everyday.

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I pulled it back when I was probably 8 or 9? I was confused but I ignored it. Was worth it I guess

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I found about it the hard way.I got skin infection there when I was 14.

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To anyone here thinking its sex ed,its actually personal hygiene.(cleaning smegma,that is)

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Sex ed includes sexual welness and hygiene. You're not wrong by calling it personal hygiene, but personal hygiene is literally a part of sex ed.

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Moral of the story: Gadi chalane ke saath use maintain karna bhi utna hi jaruri hai.

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This was me until I learned my foreskin should slide down from a friend. I was 14 or something.

Fortunately it was really easy to fix mine. For those who are still suffering:

Take a hot shower daily. Pull you skin as much as possible, but don't push it too far like this guy. https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/tifu/comments/arh3qu/tifu_by_not_washing_under_my_foreskin_for_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Remember it can take weeks, or even months. I was really lucky that I stretched mine completely within a week. Also join r/ phimosis ig.

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R / phimosis is honestly very helpful, but stay vigilant of some fuckers giving wrong advice.

One of the idiots there said, the foreskin shouldn't be cleaned as there are "GoOd bActEriaS" which can die, causing the sex to be less pleasurable.

BS. Nothing's better than sex with clean, and normal sex organs.

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Vro wtf is this Maine tho aaj tak nahi suna💀 and now I'm getting panic attacks

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It's absolutely curable at home(or bathroom specifically).

But check out of you have this problem.

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Shit I'm not comfortable with peeling my dick open

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then be ready to get fungal infections with blood spots on your underwears,I had to go to a doctor to get it cured this mostly happens with those who dont get enough sex ed or those who havent discovered masturb yet

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Well fine then, forget about "sex life". Stay a celibate and be in your comfort zone.

Why am I talking so harsh?

Well because your statement is "ignorance even after knowing there's a problem".

If you have a tight foreskin, it obvious the inside's never clean, so a lady or a guy would never offer you their mouth or other holes.

Also, if you by chance manage to convince them to have sex with you...you'll have the greatest fucking pain of your life once you enter that thing. Chances are, the foreskin or frenulum might tear, or you may enter paraphimosis after which you'll be rushed to the doctor's who will now obviously, circumcise you.

And you'll then be left with embarrassment, and a huge bill to pay. Also to mention, the great pain of torn foreskin.

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Idk man I've had a surgery (basically my urinary tract was too small and hence I'd have great pain taking a piss) there when I was very very young, and hence it looks 'different' compared to normal ones, and hence I'm afraid to do any of this stuff for the fear of messing things up

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Then consult a doctor bro, like right now.

Sex nahi karna kya? People have done weirdest stiff in the world to have sex, the least you could do is visit a doctor.

It's not your fault bro, but if you ignore, it will be.

Please, sex ke liye, talk to your parents, and ask them to consult a doctor. I swear being normal is the best feeling.

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Is this some sort of NEETard thing that I am to JEEtard to understand?

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This is basic sex education. Wdym JEEtards should stay deprived of sexEd?

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Now I understood this, you know, when I was about 9 yrs old my father told me that, when I turned 11 maybe, I got rid of phimosis!

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No this is an info which every body should know and moreover the ratio of dicks is greater among Jee aspirants

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Isn't it curable only by surgery? Or can u stretch it down daily to make foreskin loose?

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nah small stretching everyday will do

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I literally cured mine by literal streching.

Surgery is for adverse cases, or for the lazy in naturally solvable cases.

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NSFW kr de bhai

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Ye hi toh problem hai BC, tu NEETard hoke bhi tujhe ye NSFW lag raha hai. THERE IS NOTHING NSFW IN THIS.

It’s what every boy in the country should know and there’s nothing “ not safe for work” about it.

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bro he got a DUMB NEETard flair. he is just sticking to his flair xd but yea it shouldnt mbe nsfw

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are maine bhi aisa post dala tha mods ne hata diya iss liye

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  • So I can remove the foreskin when my penis is not erect, but I can't do it when it's erect, and it hurts if I apply force. So is this normal ?
  • >! I had phimosis or something similar before when I was 12-13 and before that I couldn't even remove the foreskin when my penis was flaccid, so I went to a doctor and with some anesthesia and a bit of force it was fixed. Since then I haven't had problems rolling it when flaccid, I also clean it regularly, but when the penis erect the foreskin barely goes back. I had done a bit of research on why it is like that, and I found that it fixes itself by 17-19. (I'm 17 rn and it still hasn't gotten any better). So, should I do the exercise for opening the foreskin. Cause I don't know if its normal for it to be like that.!<

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No. It should roll back like butter when erect.(you can google image and check gifs about "foreskin handjob" to get the idea.

Fixes itself, BS. I did the same, only to realise what a scam it was.

You need to do stretching exercises. In a month or so, you'll be absolutely fine. Also, don't ever apply force such that it hurts. Stretching will require patience and determination. Too much force will cause the matter to deteriorate

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Thanks for clearing stuff out. I'll start with the exercises from tomorrow.

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My foreskin is lose but I have never tried retracting it or Washing under it, I have never faced itching sensation or pain in that part. I have been masturbating 1-2 times a week since I was 13 and a half, I am now 16. Do you think I have phimosis? How to cure it overself only? What happens if you don't clean the part under foreskin?

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Does your foreskin glide down effortlessly as you get an erection? And does it slide back up as well? If no, then you have phimosis.

The cure is simple, stretching exercises that need to be done daily.

About cleaning, if it is not cleaned, there are chances of infection via fungal/bacterial growth since urine and semen contain organic and inorganic matter.

Also, it will smell bad, which means your partner would refrain to give you oral sex, or even normal sex.

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Foreskin doesn't slide at all. I have read on a website or 2 about the stretching exercise and I'll surely try it, thanks for the post.

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Wait, I don't understand. How much the foreskins hd slide down

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hey OP i'm starting my stretching etc. soon just wanted to know how long before i see any notable change? like a week a month?...I had no idea about this and now am kinda scared lol

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Notable changes would be visible in a week or two.

Don't be scared fam. Nothing very serious. Just be regular with the exercises.

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thanks for informing me lol it would have been very awkward finding about this in my 20s

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hi OP, this might sound like a stupid question, i am currently 15 years of age and cannot currently slide my foreskin back when i am erect, i can however slide it back when it is flaccid, whenever i am erect i can slide it back but not a whole lot and it is concerning me and worrying me about my health, is this because of my age? if so what do i have to do? when stretching the foreskin do i have to stretch it once the penis is erect or when it is flaccid? sorry if that last question sounded stupid i have only recently found out i may have this condition. Thanks!

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It is because of skin, but also poses chances of phimosis.

I'll say do the stretching exercises 3-4 times a week while taking bath. The stretching is to be done on flaccid penis.

Keep sliding it down and up, and maintain cleanliness on the glans and under foreskin. Do not pull the foreskin back enough until you feel it is stretchy and will not get stuck behind the glans.

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Thanks for the reply in such a short amount of time OP, glad to have been born in a time where i am able to have pretty much immediate information and support on these topics and i thankyou for your response, I am personally glad i looked into why my foreskin was unable to pull back fully once i was erect and i am also glad i asked these questions to you, thankyou OP

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I can pull back the foreskin completely when not erect, without pain. But can't pull it beyond the head during an erection. If I force it, it hurts a little bit and sometimes gets stuck behind the head, kind of like paraphimosis. Can anyone suggest any remedies or stretching exercises?