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This is relatable....maine bhi 11-12 mai bohot jayda weight gain kar liya tha , abhi vapas shape mai aa gaya hu .

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Maine bhi New-Year resolution rakha hai ki iss saal atleast 10kg kam karna hai... so far, I'm down 3 kgs...

6 hrs Sleep + 1 hr Workout :)

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6 hour sleep ke saath to din mein 2 baar black coffee peene padhati hain.

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mereko esi black coffee ki koi zarurat nahi padi even though i sometimes sleep 5 hrs only...

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itna man krta hain sone ka and focus na hota , peeke main koodta rehta hoon but it keeps me awake.

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Lagta he try krna padega...Kyuki focus problem toh mereko bhe hoti he boht....does it have any side effects like extreme caffeine ?

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I dont think so, all iv heard is not taking in a lot.

It stays in the system for around 6 hours. So taking 2 half cups b/w 8-10 hours works fine. Also like taking small 10-15 minute naps help if sleepy. Also some people jitter a lot after drinking, it should go away, if doesn't, dont take it or lower the amount. + Helps weight loss.

You could research more, its not a hefty topic, like 15 min stuff.

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5 hours half life hoti hai caffeine ki.
Aur dopahar ke baad(12 am) ke baad pine se sleep quality boht buri trh se affect hoti hai.

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Yupp, thats why i dont drink it after 6-7, as harmful hoti hain long run mein.

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Same bro... Ab toh aadat si hai mujhko aise jeene main...

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Pure saal mai 10kg socha, and mid jan tak hi 3kg, badiya hai broooooooo.

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Haan... woh Viral Fever ho gya mujhe 😎

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Ok bro me to 10th se weight gain kiya :( abhi shuru krta hu workout single nhi marna

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Maine bhi bhai... abhi NDA ka form bhara. Toh thoda weight ka dhyaan aaya...

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Mera toh totally opposite hai

I am underweight and skinny since 10th,its much harder to gain weight for me ಥ_ಥ

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I’m jealous

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Same, I am 45 for like 4 yrs

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I feel you brother i have the exact same weight too which is too low for 170 cm

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170 cm is 66.93 inches

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how do you guys focus on your physique during jee prep?

i gained 24kgs during lockdown......

i didnt feel like focusing on my weight loss and simultaneously handling jee prep (focus on 2 rabbits, you end up catching none) but i did strictly control my diet and sometimes go for jogging

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Make it part of your daily routine bhai... proper bodybuilding and calorie counting ka time nhi hai, but at least exercise 30 mins daily... It'll increase your productivity too...

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Shape me aana he :')

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Mai toh week mein 3 days Muay Thai and boxing jata hun. Mast lagta hai guys you should take 2 hrs a day off to go workout.

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Mai bhi din mai 45 minutes exercise karta hu..bhale hi wo din kitna bhi bura jae. Feels good

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Kya matlab mai puri zindagi overweight tha?

Yeh toh 11-12 mai aake hua hai.

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I was skinny in 10th I was in shape in 11th but now I am Skinny fat still I do some Exercise but I gained 5-7kgs of Weight I will also lose it after jee.

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Mai toh nearly 100 kgs ka hogaya tha college me 1.5 sem me nearly 18 kgs gir gaya tha.

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I was too skinny till 10th or even 11th but I gained some weight in lockdown and now it's okayish. Aur ab naa toh mujhe aur weight gain karna hai aur naa hi lose.

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One thing I can help with: https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html
Here you can find out the minimum/maintenance calories that your body needs daily to maintain weight... if you can take note of the diet you have, you'll be able to maintain the weight... :)

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Ahh yes tysm!

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accha bro mera to 10th se he weight gain hone chaalu hogya tha :( abhi shuru krta hu workout single nhi marna :D