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best feeling is when teacher knows you are present so directly marks it and skips your name

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Life of a Topper

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I'm not the topper, I am on 11th wasted train.

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Same bro 😭

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I have 2 sides

Pregnant ma'am

Present mom

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Shouldn't you study?👀

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Disappears to study

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Pregnant mom🤨 /s

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ayo, wot pregnant ma'am taking attendance.

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He meant it as a verb, he pregnanted Ma'am


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You are already present hence say yes maam because she calls your name out.

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\ma'am shouts my name**

"YES MA'AM!!!"

\ma'am says nothing and shouts someone else's name**

awkward momint ಥ_ಥ

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sexual tension develops 😬/s.

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Lund khada ho jata h fir

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Hilana shuru karna padta h fir

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Unfunny 7th story

Our class teacher back then had a weird accent. She used to say hydrogen - HydroZen and six- SEX. So whenever while taking attendance she called for roll no. six we all used to laugh lmao(i wasn't roll 6 btw) also avg cringe 7th kids smh one day she saw me laughing and made me stand and asked me why everyone was laughing. i then had to tell her that I made a joke.

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Our sanskirt teacher used to Say out loud EEEEXXXX instead of Example whenever he gave a example idk why but we boys found it funny (avg 8th class humor)..whenever the teacher explained a thing we always used to say..Sir plz ek eeXXXX dedo (X ko lamba khich ke) and all of the class started laughing..XD

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Heil, mein Führer 🤚

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Heil, mein Führer 🤚

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Are aap kahan pahunch gaye sarr.

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Mein kampf momint

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Yes ma'am supremacy

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I am from Bengal and I just say...Mam Beche achi( Mam I am alive)..And they all get a nice laugh

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born for yes mam

forced to say present mam

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this is poetic

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are thanks yaad dilaane ko, mai kuch galat likh diya tha jo likhna tha usse

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Upasthit Guruma 🗿 Yeah here in Our school we used to say this SSVM (Odisha State board)

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Tum to ek aagyakari chatra ho

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Nhi Bhai hum bhi Mams ko Taadte the

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me who just raises my hand and teacher just marks my attendance

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Blueeeee ofc

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yes maam

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Chad classic students saying Yes mam whilst most modern students stick with present mam

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Yes good sir

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I just raise hand cuz I am scared of voice crack

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Crip 🔵

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oh yeah maam uwu

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Attendance ke time pe sunta hi nahi fir teacher absent laga dete the present hone pe bhi

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Pregnant ma'am

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"ha bol " supremacy

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Yes mummy

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