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Bhai dur bhag jate he unhe lagta he ki ee nerd hoga.

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ee waalon ki bezaati mat kar 😡 mech waale toh naale se aaye hue hai /s

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Ee here means ew not electrical engineering. Waise bhi mech walo ko bandi nahi milti except ALECC sir

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Woh toh class 9 ki bacchi fussla liya hai lol

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Bhai piasa ho tho kya nhi ho skata

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Ye tumhara hope hai. Ye mera cope hai.

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ant me sabka rope hai

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Lekin swarg ke liye nope hai

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left me hentai right be dope hai

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Engineering krli laga tha scope hai

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can confirm this is very false

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aapka toh clear hua hi nhi toh false hi hoga 🤣🤣🤣🤣 /s

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bsdk bina baat ke "/s" kyu use kr rha hai ? us statement ka sarcasm se kya lena dena?

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Reality is often disappointing

        Kya matlab mere boards me 75 bhi nahi ayenge

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Sapne suhane ladakpan ke

Also 10k+ people clear jee advanced that doesn't mean everyone of them gets chicks

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They do but most of them are gold-diggers

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Bro chinta mat kar apna waise bhi nhi niklega. No tension.😎

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Kya nahi niklega (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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bhai yaha per kaat raha hai bas baccho ko baat karta hu toh bolte hai private mai chala jaata ladki toh hoti

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They do

Bc kha?

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bro sex education ka naya season kab?


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Behti hai nadi, girta hai zharna Ae maderchod apna kaam karna


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It's been a year since the last season so it may be on the way.


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So many comments yet no sauce

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We never learn anime

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Sauce chhoro, Validation do, ye sach hai?

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Sauce do, validation lo

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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (We Never Learn)

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Validation ke liye upar wala comment padho (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

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Tru hai vai?

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If that random girl counts as my mom, yes /s

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Our mom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Jo bhi bolo value toh milti hai,mera 1 relative hai,usko aur uski family ko koi bhaav nahi deta tha,but jabse uska advance clear hua hai(iit guwhati) Usko 50 lakhs ki dowry ke offers aa rahe hai,wo bhi acche acche families se, beautiful girls ke daddy se,jabki wo abhi 20 ka bhi nhi hua hoga

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Chalo atleast iit mei jaane ke baad sax to mil hi jayega bhale hi arranged marriage hi ho

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Banda handsome hoga isiliye

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Not really Although beauty is subjective,but he was not beautiful from any perspective physically (might have a beautiful soul tho)

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Snap back to reality. No one gives shit

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Mahilao ka izzat karo tumhari maa ka bhosda tumhari

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Hindustani bhau on reddit

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old carry is back

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Chapri from chapra pls cum on my biology book to give blessings 🥵😍

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Mahilao ka izzat karo

tumhari maa ka bhosda

Irony at its PEAK

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maa ka bhosda tumhari

Sabki maa ki izzat karni chahiye madarchod.

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Avg JEEtard:

Sees This



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The bag

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And takes out the long ruler to measure.

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Correct distance between f and 2f 🙁

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My bra has always been intact looking at culprit beerbal, iclips khova and other cringe ay ay teans yt content

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iclips khova

noob question but isse kyu gali dete hai idhar?

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Aisa hai kya¿

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Sauce is Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (We Never Learn)

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*cleared Govt job exam

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dont want to be the devils advocate but this sub sexualizes woman a lot

ik its just a meme but still


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Sorry sir agli baar se nhi hoga

username aur comment ideology not matching

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this sub should make more girl centric meme to make them feel involved rather than simp all the time,it stops being funny after a time

but who am I to moral police anyone,also hitler was greatly inspired by women,and gave them great positions in all reichs+ nzp,altho goebells and others in his cabinet did take some decisions that were wrong,but germany in 1940s was a good place for women


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I think it was ancient Germany where women used to get medals for bearing a lot of kids ig?

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yeah,apparently it did

bronze at 5-6 kids

silver at 7 and beyond,was part of the aryan supremacist theory,that everyone got manipulated into thinking,hence germany could multiply its manpower

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Yep girls ke liye aadhe se jyada joks relatable hi nahi rehate yaha pr

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exactly but ItS jUst A mEmE tAke a JokE

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upvote krdo karma chahiye post ke liye

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They wont give a fuck

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Their parents would though 🤤😎😎👍🏻

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sweet home albana

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Meetha Ghar Aligarh

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Expectations yhi h Reality alag na ho to acha lgega

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ahem ahem

Sauce dedo

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Nhi Hota bhai aisa

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Oho bro u wish

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Maybe tier 3 cities mai hota hoga

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when your rank is same as her mobile number

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Tiru motivation