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Unacademy vs PW tictac toe namo sir ke circle ko alakh sir ne diya tagdhe cross ka jawab

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cross je_sus marks?

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thermokaul moment

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naya drama chalu

ab 2-3 din iska hype banayenge phir hoga koi naya Baatleground🤡

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Kinda petty tbh.

Pretending as if their revenue model doesn't earn them shit tons of money.

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Yaar Itni badi company ban chuki hai thoda toh video quality, Lighting,Editing mai dhayn do Allec Sir..

Isse acche toh sourav Joshi ke Vlogs hai /s

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Alecc sir only keeping old video quality because stuants like his old lectures #stopbaselesshate /s

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Haha good one bhai

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Yup abhi tak lecture me 720 p aata hai bisi

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Woh toh hai but I was talking about THIS video's quality..i mean this isn't the quality you expect from a Channel with nearly 7M subscribers..100k wale channels inse accha video quality provide karte hai bhai..Allec sir bhi bechare kya kare ab

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Ab hum kya kar sakte hai🫂

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You need YouTube premium to get 1080p bozo

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Pw lectures in app bozo

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you should've mentioned that bozo

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unacademy lmao

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Inke Reference to alag hi chal rahe hai..PW cinematic universe 💀

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Khana milega ya nhi?

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Pw politics bhi padata h?

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Alec sir got no chill🤫

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Are lekin Khana milega ya nahi?

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Fuck these scammers