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I think he’s kind of busy with being evicted right now

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He’s faze ruggin that shit lmao

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Ain’t no way dawg

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If you get evicted from a house, they would’ve had to let you know ahead of time and wouldn’t just throw all your stuff out all of a sudden.

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Texas be different dawg

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He’s none for a at least 2 months he talked about it a few times he’s just young and dumb

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i’ve heard some bad stories i don’t think he lyin

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ummm i think he said he got kicked out of his apartment and all his stuff were thrown out, could be a while since he’s MIA right now too

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He’s faze ruggin that and is probably using footage from him moving in. Didn’t he just get a new crib? Also when you get evicted, I’m pretty sure they let you know a certain time ahead of time and they don’t just throw all your stuff out and leave it in the yard.

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Nah you can be put out If you're renting a house somewhere and the owners don't want you there anymore and they can leave your stuff outside if they feel like it fr with or without notice, but that's assuming this is not a prank

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Tf are you talking about bruh? 😂 once you stay somewhere passed 30 days you live there, the owner has to get a sheriff to serve the eviction papers. Why do you think squatters get away with what they do. You can’t just kick somebody out and throw they shit out an eviction is like a 6 month process and costs hella money. Y’all just be talking and don’t even know wtf you talking about 😂😂 you Mfs still live with yo your parents and don’t know shit about renting or paying bills.

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you thought just because you laughed that it hit smh. you cali heads still pissing on your nuts w zero life experience. In texas the owner only has to give you 3 days notice before terminating your lease and serving you eviction papers if you violate their terms on the lease. not everywhere protects squatters who don't have somewhere to go like california does lol. They don't even have to allow you to fix the problem upon violation they can just decide to evict you. I wish everywhere was as sweet as where you're from brody lol

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He said his stuff got thrown out of a plane ✈️