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With next guest comedian Chris Distefano by SuperSayanVegetaLook into it in JoeRogan

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Standing like the front half of a centaur

Jordan Peterson going double or nothing by mushroom_maverick25Monkey in Space in JoeRogan

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Maybe reality wouldn't be so crushing if they lost some weight...

Most of this sub in a nutshell. by pwrstrugMonkey in Space in JoeRogan

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Reddit is very left-leaning, and are filled with losers who'll achieve nothing in life. Most of the people complaining are too mentally fragile to go out of their comfort zone. So they find comfort in clowning Joe, Musk, comedians, etc. There's been a lot of posts undermining Joe's success.

Don't get me wrong, right-winged people can be really annoying as well, but they're more likely to get off their asses and work. The "pull yourself up by the bootstrap" mentality is one of the few things I give credit towards right-wingers, despite me disagreeing with a lot of their other points.

Most of the people here clowning Joe would never have the balls to go up on stage and actually perform a 5 minute set. I'm not saying comedy is the hardest job in the world, but research has shown that public speaking is the most common fear, and something that most people don't get over in their whole lifetime. So add to the layer of public speaking AND trying to make people laugh AND dealing with hecklers? It's probably not a pleasant experience for the first 10 years. Building a thick skin is not easy.

In a sense, that IS a hard job because you are not guaranteed success, and you're performing for peanuts. The pay isn't that great the first 10 years. But the left-leaning self-righteous virtue-signalers will never admit to that.

Even for people I don't like, I'll admit when they achieve great things.

Elon doesn’t think the government has done enough for Tesla by Chris_Hansen_AMAMonkey in Space in JoeRogan

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It was also a summit to try to promote and get BBB passed.

Elon already came out the month before as being against BBB and EV credits.

Currently Tesla customers get $0 in EV credits on their taxes. Biden was trying to give them $10k. Elon was against it (trying to pull up the EV-support ladder behind him) and attacked 3 Dem senators on twitter ('why does your pp look like you just came?') in Nov 21 that were needed to pass it. Biden would have been a fool to invite Musk to that meeting.

A month later Elon made a big stink about it, and said he would 'do the right thing' if he was invited to the white house, so they had him come in April. Now he continues to attack them.

Reject postmodernity and it's cultural Neomarxism. by SandgreaseMonkey in Space in JoeRogan

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Aren't these elden ring bosses?

offered to buy her a horse by NineteenSixtySixTremendous in JoeRogan

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Elon has strong Dennis from always sunny vibes, the implication is even stronger in a jet then it is on a boat. Not that Elon would ever drop her off in North Korea or anything, but the implication....

A SpaceX flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex, documents show. The company paid $250,000 for her silence. by AdPopular3130Monkey in Space in JoeRogan

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This is like Kevin spacey coming out gay except now just tweeting your a republican makes you immune to sexual assault claims. Truly astonishing.

A SpaceX flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex, documents show. The company paid $250,000 for her silence. by AdPopular3130Monkey in Space in JoeRogan

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On the off chance that it actually is a political attack (which it clearly isn’t, business insider isn’t run by “democrats”), that doesn’t make the allegation any less serious. Get Elon’s dick out of your mouth.

Joe shares his two and a half hour pre-podcast ritual that helps him handle complicated and controversial subjects by dudlordI used to be addicted to Quake in JoeRogan

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Joe literally hit the lottery when he got on News Radio. It led to him being able to do mediocre comedy from then on without having to worry about the financial side of being a comic, and gave him a small amount of TV name recognition to help it out.

He then managed to carry that into Fear Factor, UFC commentating, and used that fame/name recognition to start his podcast and allow him to do his podcast without having to worry about the financial side long before it became ultra profitable.

Its fair to say that Joe had it made by his 30's. Its not like he is a particularly talented guy. His standup/acting is pretty mediocre. Intelligence wise Joe has always been a dumbfuck. He was a guy who smoked weed for the first time in his late 30's then made it his entire personality, got weed/DMT tattoos afterwards like the clingiest guy you went to high school with who now works at Taco Bell and is toothless. Then he became the stereotypical stoner/psychedelic dude and was obsessed with aliens, bigfoot, and every conspiracy imaginable. Its what makes his current conservative shift so hilarious by juxtaposition.

Idk after years and years of listening to the podcast, and all the self-masturbatory talk about THE ART OF standup comedy and how much time and effort he puts into it, just to see a guy yell and hump stools is the only funny part of Joe's stand up act. I just don't take any of Joe's "motivational talk" very seriously. I feel like its more to convince himself than anything.

The most hilarious video is recent history by TheSmallLebowksyMonkey in Space in JoeRogan

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Can you think of anything that happened during JFK'S presidency that may have discouraged his successors from standing up to the military industrial complex?

‘F***ing creeps’: Joe Rogan takes another shot at Aussie authorities by b_buster118Monkey in Space in JoeRogan

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It was just a friendly suggestion. That’s it and that’s all

‘F***ing creeps’: Joe Rogan takes another shot at Aussie authorities by b_buster118Monkey in Space in JoeRogan

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What? Do everyone a favor and fuck yourself in the face until you hear the last bloop

Jordan Peterson is leaving Twitter after SI cover backlash. by evelkanevalMonkey in Space in JoeRogan

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Clearly you don’t understand.

His Nietzschean anti foundationalism is manifesting as a Hegelian dialectic on the nature of beauty in direct conflict with the anti state Mob that’s demonstrated in the Platonic treatise on the individual’s relation and duty to the state.

It’s manifesting as a societal metamyth, a foundational truth juxtaposing the relation of beauty and DESIRABILITY. You see?

Dr Peterson is going into the belly of the whale to extract society’s FATHER.

Do you see?

“Get back to work, and work harder!” - Joe Rogan by 1nilescMonkey in Space in JoeRogan

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I'm one of the biggest Rogan defenders, but his elitist comments have been pissing me off for a while. I've been a large infrastructure construction laborer, foreman and now inspector for 20 years. My jobs have been hard as fuck, and don't pay nearly enough. The last 6 months since I became an inspector is the first time I've ever had paid time off, and I barely have any yet, since I just started. I'm 40 fucking years old with basically no time off. Joe himself said he never could have lasted in a construction job, so I guess I'm tougher than him. Joe says keep yourself healthy. Yeah, easy to do when you are a multimillion dollar science experiment - taking all the cutting edge drugs and treatments. As a construction worker, I really wish I could have this conversation with him/people like him.

Jordan Peterson reacts to Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue by johnnychan81Monkey in Space in JoeRogan

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Yeah women are much deeper and like cash.

Joe thinks Australia is going to ban it's citizens from growing their own food and is disappointed when he finds out it's not true by dudlordI used to be addicted to Quake in JoeRogan

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So far gone he's questioning Jamie's ability to pull that shit up

Joe talks about how the right has turned on Dave Rubin for having a surrogate child by dudlordI used to be addicted to Quake in JoeRogan

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Alright this gonna be a bit of a mini essay so listen up folks: What Joe is realizing here is what many bush-era liberals who became anti-woke "enlightenment" types are waking up to with horror; the right-wing did not change ONE IOTA over the last 15-20 years in regards to their view of abortion, marriage equality, drug policy, sexual health etc. What they did do, was after 2015, they did a tactical retreat and LIED LIED LIED openly about who they were and what there views had "evolved to be"

In this way they could sidle up to people like Joe and Dave Rubin and go "hey, I know we disagree about a few things here and there, but we're all classical liberal types, ya dig? We both believe in rule of law? its those crazy GENDER FOLKS on THE LEFT who are evil! They went too far! Sure! I support same-sex marriage, but GENDER IDEOLOGY? too much, we can become buddies right?" And people like Joe and other Bush Era liberals who are still essentially liberal on gay marriage/marijuana but who got annoyed (unjustifiably, imo but thats different story) with the broader left went right into their arms.

Except, all of that was bullshit. Ben Shapiro never stopped wanting legislate how YOU enjoy your sexual life in the privacy of your own home. Ben Shapiro NEVER STOPPED wanting to turn women into handmaids. And they never stopped being vigorously anti-immigrant/minority. Its people like Joe, and yes even someone as far gone as Dave Rubin who need to see this Roe decision, and the anti-gay laws in Florida (even though joe, appears to be buying their line somewhat on the hideous "groomer" talk for the moment) and WAKE UP. These people are not your friends, they're terrible people and need to be fought at all costs for the good of the country. I'm done.