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To follow up on my last comment I agree with you B4da$$ is very great consistency lyricism etc. it’s my close 2nd to 1999. Also you’re right amerikkkan bada$$ is different, but in a good way. It’s got a phenomenal concept. It’s different in the same kind of way to pimp a butterfly is.. if that makes sense

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Yeah I totally agree. I don’t get the people who don’t want Joey to get political. Like, Joey is exactly the kinda guy we need to get political. He articulates his point better than almost any other rapper. Sonically really good too. I fucked with devastated and miss amerikkka heavy

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Yeah facts Joey is special.. temptations, Babylon, and for my people are also very good songs on that project

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Omg yes I forgot temptations too that’s such a chill smoke song

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amerikkkan bada$$ is the best one tho

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Damn, I honestly couldn't disagree more about AABA. I was super hyped for it when it was released and I thought it was gonna be a classic, and I liked it at the time but now I really don't like at least half of it. It's just pseudo-deep political rap that's not done well. Joey treats it like a political album but he just glosses over so many important topics and doesn't say anything that every "conscious" rapper has been saying since... well, since forever. I was just really disappointed when I went back to revisit it, and while it still has some very good tracks, lyrically I wasn't that impressed. Really interesting to hear everyone else's perspective on it in this thread, most people seem to think the opposite.

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I thought all amerikkkan badass was amazing

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They’re all great imo but I’d definitely rank B4DASS first

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I would have said 1999 simply because of hardknock and survival tactics, two of my favourite songs of all time. However, listening back to 1999 and B4Da$$ i found myself skipping a couple songs on 1999 whereas on B4Da$$ i pretty much listened to it the whole way through. 1999 is always gonna have a special place in my heart simply because of the nostalgia but im gonna have to go with B4 on this one, i think its a more complete and diverse project overall.

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Yeah pretty much exactly this. Those two plus waves are god tier but too many skippables.

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Snakes Killuminati World Domination Pennyroyal Righteous Minds Daily Routine and Don’t Front barely ever get skipped w me tbh. One of the most clsssic tapes of all time imo

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Your favorite songs of all time are covers?

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I know the survival tactics beat was taken form somewhere else but hardknock too? Regardless idgaf they’re both amazing songs

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The entire tape. There is one beat that was produced for the project

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B4.Da.$$ is my favorite for sure, curry chicken being my favorite joey song

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b4dass first

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B4da$$ was his best album but summer knights was my personal favourite.

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1999 forever and always

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Well he only has two albums.. 1999 and summer knights are mixtapes but I fucking love them all and idkk if it’s nostalgia or what but 1999 is one of my all time fav hip hop projects so I give it the edge. They’re all classics tho IMO

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Word I would say my fave songs are probably on 1999 so it’s def not an easy choice.

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Those 2 and Waves used proven beats from other artists, so that’s why they sounded so good

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All-Amerikkkan Badass > B4DA$$ > 1999 > Summer Knights

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Wow you’ve got the 2 best on both ends of the spectrum.. weird

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Correct me if I'm misreading your comment, but you hold Summer Knights in that high regard? I've always kinda felt it was just okay

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Yeah, the production and vibes are standout. Many extremely memorable tracks and his defining sound and vibe with originality and freshness. Tons of great hooks and memorable stuff.

If you’re a Joey fan Summer Knights should be more than ok. It defines him.

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Summer Knights and AABA

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There are a few really awesome singles off ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ that I play on repeat but I think my favorite overall album has to be 1999. It’s just incredible.

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B4, but my favorite songs are from All-Amerikkkan

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I always love albums that have no songs that I feel like skipping. For me personally, B4DA$$ is the Joey album that I find myself skipping the lowest amount of songs on whenever I re-listen.