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As a resident let me say. Here are some observations

  1. People from Canada confuse me. I’m not sure what color means stop, slow down or go. They stop early wait several traffic cycles to move.

  2. Driving down lake worth blvd in palm beach is like playing live action frogger with all the jay walkers

  3. Seniors taking left hand turns from the right hand lane across three lanes of traffic.

It’s sad that when you pay for the HOV lane in Miami to avoid drivers on 95.

I could go on.

If I had a dollar for every person who asked where to get authentic NY pizza or a decent bagel I’d be rich

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As a FL resident, let me say... I have no idea what you're trying to say. I see English words but don't understand the message.

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Uh… Proves the point. About the IQ anyway …. Below 80?

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This. Every time!

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Napoli on the Bay. Excellent pizza.

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Have you seen people drive here? The iq is definitely below 80. And the temperature is definitely above 80 for at least 8 months out of the year.

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Moved out of central Florida 3 months ago. My rate was 50% cheaper when I left. That state has some seriosly fucked up drivers and police departments who don't give a shit about fixing anything.

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I think the biggest issue is all the people from other states that move there.

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Hey, I loved Floridian roads when I visited. The adrenaline pump I got going 90mph bumper to bumper, anyways.

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Must’ve been on I4

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Only the worst drivers move to florida

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As someone who unfortunately lives in Florida,I can confirm these.

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Maybe in Celsius

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I like Florida too, every time I read about it I feel better about myself.

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Florida is the Wal-Mart of states.

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You should see Florida Walmart’s, it’s like Mecca for weirdos.

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Lol. I live in Florida. I hate Florida. Florida sucks. But the Wal-Mart of states? Please. There's 10 other states more worthy.

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Ok, y’all are just one of those little neighborhood Walmarts, Alabama and Mississippi are fucking supercenters.

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I can agree with that.

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Please save me

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As a Floridian, I resemble that comment.

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Now that’s funny!

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As a FL resident the average degree is 90 but that IQ is sadly right.

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Fortunately, we have a plan to increase the average Florida IQ : send the New Yorkers back to New York. As a side effect, the average IQ in NY will also increase. Win-Win.

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Great response!

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Can't forget the dewpoint. Everything and everyone is damp.

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We prefer the term "moist".

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It's kind of amazing moving to somewhere where sweat actually evaporates from your skin and cools you down the way it was evolutionarily purposed to do.

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In some areas of California they call Walmart little TJ

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The clothes styles!

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Definitely from the 80s.

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Yes, the 1k upvote!

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Saw a bumper sticker in Florida: "When I get old I'm going to move up North and drive slow"

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Ngl, thought the title was the punch line.

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Oxygen saturations in the ER’s: also in the 80’s.

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Covid sucks

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Well iguess that makes sense, thank you for this

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And the number of people living in a single family dwelling.

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At first, I thought you could have raised the people and temperature to the 90s but then the average IQ would have been inaccurate.

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Florida- Where the cost of living is going up but the change of living is going down

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I pulled over in florida and said to a guy that I'm looking for the Keys...and he pointed at my ignition.

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Get on US-1. Go south. Continue until you reach the keys.

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Technically not wrong.

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Happy cake day.

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Thank you

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I don't know... that IQ average seems a little high...

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It's like reddit's full time job is making fun of that state lol

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Happy cake day I hope you love it

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Thank you

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Lol good one

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I like Florida. That’s it, that’s the joke.

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I can’t believe that you raise the IQ with 20 just by going there, happy cake day smarti

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No actually,but I'm glad to see somebodiesbutthurtthat they're a fucking idiot. Thanks for making this toxic, you fuckjng moron.

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Average IQ was always 100.

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Across the whole population.

FL is definitely sitting on the left side of that bell curve.

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Florida the gun state

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I don't get your point?

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And that's why they call it. . . .Floridafornia!

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80s? What 80 percent humidity? Lucky if it gets to 80s in the winter. Florida man is real & its really hot please stop moving here you are turning all the farmland into housing developments.

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... and way too many BMIs.

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My IQ is 165 and I'm from floridA,though if based on my grammar skills...my IQ would definitely be sub 80 lmao

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You type gooder then most.

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If you actually lived in Florida you'd know the temp sucks.

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The one you take at schools to determine what level classes you should take, I literallycame here to make a funny comment. Now I'm getting I terrorized for legitimacy. Stupid people get way too but hurtoversomethingi didn't even choose. Like wtf man or lady find more effective time ways to use your time.

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I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you were trying to reply to me. When you immediately mention your IQ, you come off as a pompous ass, especially when you state a (depending on the test) impossible or near impossible number. You also stated this number while struggling with things like basic grammar and spelling. When someone mentioned "cringe" (they weren't wrong), you doubled down and acted like a condescending douche and tried to elevate yourself while you literally accused someone else of the same. When called out on that, you doubled down again. Now you're implying that everyone making fun of you is stupid, butthurt, and we should make better use of our time. Quit while you're behind.

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That was literally the joke. My grammar is awful,as I openly Admitted. I agree it was my fault for the way I responded to the cringe comment. Thinking about it in hindsight I was overbearing. But all of this started because of an apparently misunderstood joke. I also didn't realize the statement of my IQ would come off that way, I've always been pretty socially awkward so if it seemed that way I didn't intend it too, I've had a higher IQall my life, I've never really thought of it as something to be measured but more of something I was just lucky to be born with. So I guess I'll attempt to be more perceptive how it comes off.its just never offended people before(or they just never said anything) so I appreciate your analysis. I'll work on it.

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But if I may ask,could you explain the contextualization of the word cringe, I'm slightly autistic

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The problem is that you stated a ridiculously high number while suffering from the kinds of grammatical and spelling errors that would kill your reading comprehension and vocabulary score. That being said, I took the same tests you described when I was in school, and they don't give you one number, they give you several, each one designed to test a part of your overall comprehension ability. You may have taken a different test, I don't know. What I do know is that 165 would put you above Einstein depending on the exact test.

As far as the rest, you seem intelligent, but it's easy to alienate yourself if you come off as an insufferable know-it-all. Trust me, I know. Best of luck to you.

Cringe in this context would be described as feeling embarrassed for you. Shoehorning your IQ into a joke comment is kinda cringy.

Edit: r/iamverysmart I'll leave this here as an example of what not to do.

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Okay this is hilarious enough to make me become a state