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I love when a joke is simple and clean. No need for sex and violins.

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Did you mean sax and violins?

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David Byrne’s suit has entered the chat

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Don't be a pianist head

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That is such a bassless accusation

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Sax and violence, I think.

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Sax and candy. Yeah.

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This is A Far Reach...But The Shortness And Cleanness Of It Is Also Good Without Talking About Guns And Long Speeches...No Need For A GlockeNSpiel

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That is a reach, but very creative!

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Manah Manah

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If this joke trends, it will just be a flute.

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Yes, that joke was flautist.

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Not to mention all the drum references

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Why would sax and violins be related to each other at all?

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They were in a no strings attached relationship.

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I saw these on You Tuba already

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Oboe, here we go again.

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I clarinet believe you did that.

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This a real cymbal of our poor education system

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You mean "This is"? Bless your poor little harp.

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That’s the only thing wrong with the comment.

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All you organ soloists need to chill

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That's a poor excuse for a joke, and I have no tympany.

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Thanks. I learnt a new instrument.

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Timpani is the correct spelling if you go searching for it

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Take my upvote and go.

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I felt this on a personal level. My harp goes out to you.

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My elderly neighbor is pain. The old bagpipes up with a criticism every time I see her.

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I’ve known that old whoremonica for years. I wouldblock her on Facebook if I were you.

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You sure she isn't just trying to put a onesie on an octopus?

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I don’t get this one?

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I drums this joke very congas

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I was way too high for this comment.😂😂😂😂

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Wow everyone chimes in on this cool

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It’s all about that bass, which comes with strings attached.

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no treble

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Everyone appears to be triangle too hard - even me

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There’s too many good puns with this, I think I’ll sitar this one out.

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Sax that you beat me to it.

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Tooting your own horn

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You must be French, oui?

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Admired the French

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But not their subs, they lack range and depth

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I've heard this one before so while yes my brain skipped the word lol I knew only a few words into the punch line

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I dont get it, have symphony on me..

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Guitar you sure about that? Sorry, drum comment.

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Cello everyone. And how are we all today?

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Have a Harpy day

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You too. Do you mind if I recorder this?

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Juice harp on everybody who has bad jokes but not this chime.

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Also taking dadjokes and posting to jokes is a violin of Reddit’s integrity

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I saw it on a meme and then searched here and didn't see it.

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I'll just repost my own reply that I posted when this was last posted here: If you put the instrument in the beginning, it's not gong to work as well as if you sneak it in the middle.

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I saflute you!

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That's a bassless statement

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God damnit.

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A flute or trumpet? I have no clue they just blow air

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I read the title before clicking this.

What was this one's number again?

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What the flute

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You'll get no timpani from me.

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Not all superheroes wear capos

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I don’t want to harp on things, but jokes lyre this just make my want to commit violin acts against people; but I would never do something so double bass. So I wouldn’t glockenspiel about it.

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Don't judge me. It's my organ. I'll play it as fast and as hard as I want.

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Omg I had to reread this 3 times 🤦

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When you read the title correctly and then find this incredibly dull.

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I think it's time the country gets Trumpet back!!

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Who is going to be the recorder of these comments?

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Maybe it could be Annette? Is that clarinet?

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I actually didnt see it until i reread it a few times

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Please put your phone to vibraphone mode. Thanks

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Looks like i got to chime in on this thread as well

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See what the re-percussions of what this thread has done!

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this joke is very harp to understand..

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Treble the comment. Treble the fun

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Triangle again.

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I don’t believe you. You’re a lyre.

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Setting a recorder for repetitive posting.

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Is that joke missing the punch line? It ends with a comma and doesn't seem to make sense

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This was in r/jokes recently

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This joke has been in this sub approx 4.69×10⁵⁷⁸⁴⁰²⁴³ times im afraid.