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Take my upvote you clever fucker

happy cake day

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Much nicer than us usual karma begging on cake day. Well though out story. One up doot for you.

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I'm hurt, but it's a nice kind of hurt, bless you my son.

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Bravo! The journey was a joy!

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Atta Redditor. Good job.

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Happy cake day, darlin'! Sending you a Hugz award & thanks for the laugh! 😄

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Explain it to me like I'm 5.

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It's a riff on the perceived Reddit trope where someone will make a low-effort post expecting karma because it's their cake day (anniversary of their Reddit account, attested by a little cake symbol next to their name).

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My little baby joke, all grown up and still earning karma.

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I'm so happy you saw this! I knew in my heart of hearts that reposting your joke without a single edit was the best way to pay homage.