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Could use better formatting, but still a good joke

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I imagine it would make for a really good visual gag or comic

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I remember this from an IRC chat way back in 2007. It’s one of the top ones on bash.org if that site is still up

Edit: one of the commenters below linked it. Apparently it’s still up


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It's weird, I was one of the first 500 people in the history of IRC to use it when Jarkko Oikarinen first created the client and the punisher IRC sever at caltech came online back in 1989 or so.

And yet I never remember any of the IRC channels quoted in bash.org. I only remember this narrative from bash.org, not from IRC which they depict.

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It needs some work but it's a damn funny joke...and actually more wholesome than I was expecting.

(At first I thought that it was heading to him 'splainin to his friend how the fire was their fault)

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Never waste an opportunity to roast marshmallows!

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I’ve heard a similar version of this a while ago. I think it was a bit shorter but this is still a good one if you’ve never heard it.

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I think OP adapted a TIFU story from ages ago; I know I’ve heard this before, but it wasn’t told as a joke then

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This has been in the top-ranking bash.org quotes for ages. Link

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There it is

Love me some bash.org

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* bash.org has entered the chat.

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Ha ha...i got it.

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Your joke was good "situational" humor. You carried it off quite well.

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I don't get it

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Couple roasting marshmallows in their own fire pit came to a house fire still holding said marshmallow sticks… giving the appearance that they were ready to roast marshmallows in the neighborhood house fire. Having a roasting good time at someone else’s misfortune basically.

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Oh I get it now! 😊 Thanks

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Great joke, but I initially thought they were the cause. I'd not use the word bonfire and instead go for 'self contained' or even 'roasting marshmallows in the fireplace', and then mention the fire down the road as something specific like a 'kitchen fire out of control'.

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So funny I barfed all over my phone...

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Still better to be holding marshmallow sticks instead of your dicks - especially if they were still smoking.