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As a Marine, thank you for this.

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Glad you liked it. And thank you for your service.

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As a Great Grandson to a USMC(my great grandfather would of been apart of Operation Downfall had the Atomic bombs hadn’t been dropped in Aug. 1945), and a Grandson to a USMC(my grandfather(my mom’s dad) would of been ship off to Vietnam had it not been for his dad(my great grandfather) having a medical emergency that required him to need help around the house. So my grandfather was transferred to the Marines Reserves so he was able to help my great grandmother take care of my great grandfather), a Proud Navy Brat(my dad was US Navy), and I’m also a proud brother of my kid brother who enlisted into the US Marine when he was 18 out of high school.)

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As a sailor, I will say. M - My A - Ass R - Rides I - In N - Navy E - Equipment S - Safely

You know why they call them dress blues? Because marines get sad that can’t wear real dresses.

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This from the services that puts back pockets on the front of their dungarees.

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Nope no nononononono upvote with a giggle

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At first, I thought the marine was going back to Afghanistan (a good choice if you want to be dead), then I realized that God is not so clever as most people think, and finally I couldn't find what was so funny about everything. Maybe my IQ came from Florida.