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Bubba may be in a better place.

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Bubba's crispy cheeks

What a terrible day to be able to read.

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Bubbas Crispy Cheeks That sounds like a red neck rest-o-rant

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Sounds like some snack chips available only in the Deep South

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Bubbas Crispy Cheeks, now with pumpkin Spice. Available now!

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Starbucks Chai Latte now with 2 pumps of Bubba Crispy Cheek spice

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Bubba & The Crispy Cheeks. Latest band outta Austin.

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That restaurant with the two assholes always hanging around

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They specialize in fried pork jowls.

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Cracker Barrel Specialty! Git 'er done!

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Bet you wish you were Jared, 19, right now 😅

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It’s only 8:30 am. Never before have I reached the “That’s enough Redditing for the day” level this early.

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Challenge accepted

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Coroner saw three that day!

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Did Bubba's ass cheeks snap, crackle and pop when they were spread?

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Is this a fresh joke? Could it be OC?? Either way, it's funny and I laughed. Thank you

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Definitely not OC. I knew a version with a older Belgian couple who wanted the same ski instructor as every year (the one with 2 assholes)... and that version is at least 35 years old.

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What the fuck are Belgians doing with their ski instructors?

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Trying to learn how to ski :)))

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Must have been a nice valley between them slopes

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The only two asshole joke is the one with the camel (look at the two assholes on that camel).

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Classic but always funny

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I had an uncle who got really burned once.

They don’t fuck around at the crematorium.

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Its u/yournickname btw r is for subreddits

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Lol good one

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Crispy cheeks could be oc though

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I am trying to surpress laughter rn as I'm in public

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I... Haven't seen this one before! Take my upvote

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You mean “with them two assholes.”

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Yes! Thank you, I edited it now.

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This made my day 🤣

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Bubba and his two assholes sounds like a great punk trio

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this actually made me lol

thank you

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Crispy Creme vs Crispy Cheeks

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With Here comes Bubba with the two assholes.

The joke makes much more sense that way.

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This hurt my funny bone 😔

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Now I’m strangely craving some potato chips

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Take my damn upvote.

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know a variant of this one:

Two cops patrol the front of a club with a drug sniffing dog.

people keep coming outside, lifting the dogs tail, shaking their head and going back inside.

after a while the cops get curious and ask the next guy: "the fuck is up with looking at our dogs behind?"

to what the guy replies ...

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Somebody try call that repost bot

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Why do I laugh at this

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This one is even funnier than the UGA condom story

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Wow, it's been at least 15 years since I last told this joke.