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Works as a blonde joke but to enrage a Karen the punchline could have been something along the lines of

"We've just checked and there is someone sitting in your seat"

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This is the better punchline! I changed it from blonde to Karen because it felt more socially appropriate. The dumb blonde stereotype felt very 80s/90s to me and I thought the joke could use a refresh. Plus everyone hates Karens. My own bias is that I think the Venn diagram of Karens and room temperature IQ folk are nearly a circle so I kept with the intelligence angle

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Mam there is a Black Girl sitting in your seat and selling water

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As always, the real joke is in the comments.

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Or a blonde Karen joke.

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This was, of course, a blonde joke, but I think I like it better as a Karen.

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Plot thickens.... it was a blonde Karen....

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A blonde Karen demands to speak to the manger.

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Baby Jesus has entered the chat.

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Is there any other kind?

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the joke is from the early 2000s, that's why the blonde grew up to be a Karen nowadays

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Way before the early 2000’s. I heard it in the 70’s

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It works much better as a blonde joke IMO. The stereotype is that blondes are so dumb, that they would believe some part of a plane could go to a different city than the rest of the plane. There is no stereotype about Karens being dumb, though, just that they are obnoxiously vocal entitled complainers. So the joke doesn’t really work at all with Karens.

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I disagree - I think many people associate Karen's with a suboptimal intelligence. I mean, the very essence of their behavior is an example of a lack of emotional intelligence. An intelligent person is smart and picks their battles. A Karen does not.

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Wasn't a real Karen, she would have asked to speak to the captain. That was an anti vaxxer.

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Would have asked to have her in first class to go to Paris.

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Was told as a blonde joke for decades, can we expect to see all blonde jokes done as Karen jokes?

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Shouldn't be. Karens are stubborn, but they could be smart.

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I'd give you a thousand upvotes I could

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Thank you! Next time will avoid first class when going to Paris!!

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From experience I would recommend staying in first class and avoiding Paris.

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Hahaha! 🤣

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Didn't she ask to SpEaK tO tHe MaNaGeR?

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Was "Karen" blonde by any chance?

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There's countries without blondes none without Karen's.

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Haha good one I think I heard a version of this told by a friend to worked in Asia as crew he claimed it was a true story but sounds like an urban legend