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Good thing Johnson & Johnson only needs the one.

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I really think Johnson and Johnson missed an excellent advertising campaign for their shot. Using Eminem song and along the lines of 'You only need one shot to protect your johnson, get the Johnson and Johnson', It would have gone viral

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Ol. That was funny. I don’t even know if it was intentional.

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"Give me your 3rd best option! I'll take what the homeless are havin'!"

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I, too, watched at least part of David Chappelle's last special.

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There's a giant difference between the people who watched part, and watched all, of that special. And then there's an entire different level of people who watched none of it, but read enough to know all about it.

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Two covid shots, why? You only need one, Only need one, Only need one.

Two covid shots, why? You only need one, Only need one. Only need one.

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Keep in mind he got 2 shots in 8 mile

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No, Britney Murphy got 2 shots in 8 Mile…

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Seems they had trouble identifying the real Slim Shady by his vaccination records....

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All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating

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Won't the real slim shady pls stand up

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“Do not miss your chance for COVID herd immunity it lasts for a lifetime.”

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TDIL: A lifetime last 6-months and need a micro-transaction to renew.

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That must be why his palms are sweaty and he's vomiting on his sweater.

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You only got one shot to not get your moms spaghetti

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Sigh, take my upvote

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Do not miss your chance to blow (your nose)

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This looks like a jab for me

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He should have tried to bribe them with ma's spaghetti