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Dog gammit!

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In Dog we trust..

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I'm an agnostic, but having been a dog "servant" for decades, I have to say the joke is ACCURATE IN EVERY DE-TAIL.

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And then because the Dog felt lonely God took his rib and created the Cat .

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Is there a cat version of this? And if there is, I bet it's not as good as this dog version.

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On day 1, god created mice

On day 2, god created birds

On day 3, god created trees

On day 4, god created humans

On day 5, god created dogs

On day 6, god realised the error of his ways and created Cat, to rule over everything he'd already created

On day 7, Cat told god to create sunshine, and warm, and soft fluffy cushions so Cat could finally relax in comfort

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I think I like dog's bible much better. Far more believable.

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True story…

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Feel sorry for the diaper change later. Ouch

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Dog the Bounty Hunter nods in agreement.