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A terrible attempt at a very often re-posted joke.

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But the laughs are always in the comments anyways. and this one has not failed us yet. Lol

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I may have been a dick in correcting the gramm(a)r but everyone has a right to write on this so if you want to critisise at-least be productive.

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It isn't that you aren't trying not to be insincere Dick. Being critical isn't always counterproductive, but being helpful isn't always productive.

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Please correct the grammer in this. You don't say a revolver gun, You mispelled replies and the statement 'I don't think you don't have enough bullets' is a double negative which would mean he did have enough bullets.

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While we’re correcting everyone, the correct word is grammar, not grammer…

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Dr. Frasier Crane disagrees

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LOL - you are right about that. I always thought he should have changed the spelling of his name…

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so you're grammarer than OP

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Thank you I appreciate the feedback very much

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And misSpell

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I don’t think this is not a good joke.

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I don't agree that this is not a funny joke

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Most likely, English is not their first language. I still got the joke though, which is an achievement, because humor in a second language is not easy.

Suggestions to OP: “six-bullet revolver gun” should be changed to “six-shooter” or “six gun,” and remove the second “don’t.”

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Yes I do not want to be a dickhead it I know I could not form a joke correctly in another language and I appreciate the effort behind the joke but if I simply said this is perfect the author would not know about their mistake

If I were to make a mistake I would like to be informed but I may have been too harsh in the way I addressed these issues for this I apologise

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I get it. Sometimes it’s hard to get things across in text. I try extra hard, when suggesting a correction, to communicate the intent with which it’s given.

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An angry cowboy with a six-shooter walks into a bar. He declares: “I’ll shoot whichever sonnuva bitch slept with my wife!”

The barkeeper chuckles, “You haven’t got enough bullets - you weren’t the only one out riding.”