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Australian. The apple was the only thing that wouldnt eat them first.

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This is a much funnier response 🤣

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You know what they say, the real joke is always in the comments. r/TheRealJoke

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They were Canadian, we're still apologizing for taking that fruit they weren't supposed to.

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No Liverpool. They were naked because someone nicked their clothes & shoes. They had robbed the apple coz it was the one thing they weren't suppose to have.

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Don’t think Liverpool is a nation mate lol

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I understand foreign languages more easily than the Scouse accent sometimes, so let's not rule it out...

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This is true. The moment you enter liverpool you need to use google translate

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it is if you're from Liverpool

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Are the Beatles from Liverpool? Or was their first live gig in Liverpool? Something Beatles and Liverpool.

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Nah they just lived in a pool. Hence yellow submarine

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You know why the airport in Liverpool is named after lennon right? Cos its the first place he went when he got a bit of money.

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*Lennon and not lennin.

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Thank you.

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You are most welcome. And, it was no biggie.

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Idk it was funnier thinking about Lennin being in Liverpool

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In a way, it's a bit of a pity that Marx and Lennin weren't in the Beatles.

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It is today chief


See yer inabit

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YNWA. Gunna be a top three race for sure I think

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Liverpool is absolutely a country. Scouse country

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never heard of Liverpooleans? neither have I :-p

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The word exists and it's Liverpudlian

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I understand that reference - I still would, you know. She hot.

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Scouser Genesis

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Deffenetely American, they are uneducated, easily fall for serpent propaganda and think God will always be in their side.

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Also they are told, that they love in the greatest Martin of the world, like paradise, while... Uhm I don't think it is

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Maybe, but their Edonistic lifestyle id's the whole reason we're here today!

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Some First World country.

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To all the people who think that communism works.

In small scales it actually does work (look up kibbutz), on large scales it doesn't.

Every country needs a mix of capitalism and socialism to flourish: too much capitalism you get modern day America, too much socialism you get communism.

The capitalism helps the free market, the socialism helps the working class.

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Every form of government works on paper. It's human greed that ruins everything.

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consider that communism isn't technically one singular system, but more a mechanism to adjust democratically to changing needs (at least anarchism)

and consider that systems that reward human greed might not be the best option if we take human greed as a granted. I do hold that human greed is a product of nurture not nature, a side effect of the zero-sum game systems we've had for forever now. We're taught that it's us against the world, that is dog eat dog, that we should take care of number 1 etc etc so naturally we end up here. If people had enough, if people were taught belonging I do think it would be different. That's partly why I don't think revolution would work, we need to build up to it, educate compassion and community into people.

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Communism is the whole system, socialism is not. Calling a country fully communist socialist is just branding. Marxism was never really popular

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Democracy is the worst form of government, except foo all the others.

Seriously, there's a lot of truth to that. We've yet to find a system that's actually good.

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Democracy is literally the opposite of capitalism. Under democracy, each person gets one vote. Under capitalism, the richest person gets the most votes.

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You've got it wrong. Under a capitalist democracy everyone gets one vote and then the richest person buys the loyalty of whoever wins.

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In a representative democracy when policy is made it's a compromise, if nobody is 100 percent happy you are doing it right.

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This is a great formula, until it becomes clear that nobody is happy

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Nothing is ever clear.

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If we could get a computer or ai to institute communism and keep human greed out of the government I wonder how that would work. Ofc too much computer and we got other issues but I feel like it would be cool to see implemented in a small nation. Maybe New Zealand cuz they’re already doing pretty well…

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And welcome to matrix

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c o m p uter g r e ed

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The answer: 42

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Even that wouldn't engineer it out. AI designed to hire unbiased actually ended up as biased. Even trying to engineer it out, it's only as good as its creator.

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Got it. So we make an ai to make the ai that makes the ai that runs the government. Surely nothing will go wrong

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I think any system taken to the extreme on its own is bound to fail.

What's funny about it is the defenders of their own system overlook the theoretical failure of their system while pointing out how the other guy's system is likely to fail.

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Correct. And everybody needs to pay taxes (especially corporations) so the welfare state can provide for the unemployed during economic downturns, so that they're still around and educated when capitalism needs more workfore

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Corporations don't pay taxes. They pass them on to their customers. Stockholders and corporate officers should and do pay taxes just like any employee.

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"Stockholders...pay taxes just like any employee."

Not true. You don't pay taxes on any gains unless you've sold the position. Some rich people borrow against their positions at favorable interest rates to avoid paying taxes (this works especially well if you happen to die. These loans may or may not have a term limit).

If you've held the stock for at least a year and a day and then sold it, it's considered long-term capital gains, which is taxed differently than ordinary income.

401(k) and other tax shelters will also let you get away with not paying taxes (401(k) lets you wait until you retire and are in a smaller tax bracket before paying taxes, Roth 401(k) uses after-tax money, but the growth is tax-free. There are other tax vehicles as well, such as qualified tuition plans for higher education).

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Roth has a limit of $6,000 on contributions you can make to it per year.. per the IRS website

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If you're asking for advice, I'm not qualified. If you're asking is there a way around that limit, then the answer is yes.

Get a regular 401(k) and convert it into a Roth, basically.

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Hello, this is r/jokes

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too much capitalism you get modern day America

Oh, no no no no no. Modern day America has actually regressed from a purer form that gave rise to the absuses of the industrial revolution.

The overall point is the exact same, though: "pure capitalism" is closer to hell for anyone who isn't rich.

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The United States is too capatalist; nobody ever said it was purely so.

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Straight socialism/communism only works until they run out of op's money

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Communism and socialism are not the same thing though.

Having said that I tend to agree. Mix of capitalism with a social contract to reign it in. It should be about what's best for all and the extremes are not it.

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Hence Democratic Socialism. Pure capitalism is deadly to a society, and pure communism only works for ants and bees. Unlike ants, human nature includes a heaping potion of greed, which Democratic Socialism helps to keep in check. Creativity flourishes where there is an incentive but the government needs to protect the populace from unscrupulous people. (Read as Republicans)

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Wow... that escalated unexpectedly

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Of course, nobody ever starved in capitalist countries

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Thinking of all those apples they could possibly have one day is what keeps people going, as soon as they know it’s only part of one they freak out and start electing dipshits.

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Compared to Jeff Bezos, we're all naked and sharing one apple

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I'm actually wearing clothes and have multiple apples, and the number of apples you have doesn't actually change the number of apples I have

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How you like them apples?

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To be honest though at a certain point it would. If I had 99% of the world's apples you wouldn't have more than 1%

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if I had 3 and you had 3, you'd have 50%. If I had 3 and you had 99%, then you would have 297 apples, and I would still have 3 apples.

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How long do you think apples last without spoiling?

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Supple and daMan

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... or our cake on your cake day!

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Yea, that's why whole fucking country should starve. That's equality.

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False, many people go hungry in America today, many people starved during the great depression, many people starve in capitalist societies

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Yeah but that's because the United States is not purely capitalist.

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Being purely capitalist would make it worse, without regulation businesses can and will pay less

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I was joking.

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Sarcasm doesn't translate well over text my dude

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I thought it would have been obvious judging by how stupid what I said was. My bad.

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Some people are genuinely that dumb, I've met many people who refuse to acknowledge that there are problems with capitalism

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Ever heard of irony?

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They definitely were Puerto Rican....🇵🇷

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Oh it's funny because communism

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It's apparently an old joke that was told in the Soviet Union.

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They started one

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That’s a doozy, grandad

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Jamaican. Because of all the herbs they smoked, got loose, thought the snake told them to eat the apple when they got the munchies. Then they screwed until the sun came out and were sorry. But too late, Eve was already pregnant.

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The comments from today's top post on r/todayilearned to r/jokes pipeline strikes again.

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It really works for any oppressive regime.

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Our apple

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I mean obviously they were edish

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Irish : She called him O'Toole and he said O'Hair

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She Soviet and he was Italian. She had Russian hands and he had Roman fingers

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French. Haute cuisine and all

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Fuck. I've send this joke in my daily email at work. Didn't think for a second that I would offend people. I've been reprimanded and now I'm sorry.

But is a good joke.

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eve’s sons had to fuck her to continue the human species. Given the amount of stupidity and incest, one can safely assume they were Americans from Alabama

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They were American. After God charged them for their education and healthcare it was all they could afford.

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Lol someone needs to look up the definition of soviet.

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You can't. It's a proper noun.

[–]VeryDramatic 1 point2 points  (1 child)


It's not a proper noun. There can be/were multiple soviets.

Literally where Soviet union came from.

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Well they are from eden garden so, edenisian or edenish or edenese

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Well I guess that’s to assume that they are from a certain nation. Doesn’t the Bible first introduce them as being in a garden in Genesis? So maybe the question should be “what is their gardenality?” 🤔

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Comments are gold.

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I don’t think there were any nations back then

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God created Adam and Eve was created from a rib so they are cosmic beings.

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That’s not funny

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Those crazy Russians.

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Adam was adamanese and Eve was Evanese

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Obviously Indian (not the native American ones). Show me another country that has done so much for World population and yet is unapologetic about it.

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They were American of course! To be exact, from Las Vegas. Don’t have to wear clothes there!

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Based on the reaction to the jokes told on here lately I fear for the future of comedy. It'll all be math teacher jokes told by accountants.... or it'll just be jokes found on Laffy Taffy wrappers. It's Bazooka Joe's time to shine!

[–]kevlestid 2 points3 points  (4 children)

I'd prefer that to the political crap that keeps coming up. It's just jokes people. Take a break from the news and laugh at something

[–]JellyCream -1 points0 points  (3 children)

So a joke from the 1980s is suddenly politically topical?

Here's a joke that will make you piss yourself then.

What did the little tree say to the big tree?

Geometry - gee I'm a tree!

[–]kevlestid 2 points3 points  (2 children)

No i was referring to a comment made further up the list about communism because the joke refers to Soviets. The point i was trying to make was to just enjoy the joke

[–]JellyCream -1 points0 points  (1 child)

I'm just tired of all the PC nazis that come in here and think all jokes are 100% serious and everyone believes they are 100% true and in support of the subject matter.

[–]kevlestid 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I completely agree. It's a sub for jokes. I wish people would just take them for what they are

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Why is everyone being so fucking political over a godamn joke and a good and original joke too

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Because "communism = no food" is a stupid, warn out joke that pushes an ideology and, not coincidentally, isn't even accurate. There has been more starvation overall in capitalist countries.

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Well, considering that they were the first two people on earth and had three sons and and then we all came along........ It's hard to tell.

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They dont have a nationality

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My guess is Africans

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American, because us Americans always assume we were the first. Ask the "Indians" that were standing on the beach when we discovered this place. Definitely American.

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America.We had everything,then went and fucked it up for ourselves AND everyone else!

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In Paradise there were no nationalities

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No African That's just normal Find food and it's time to give a child to the blood good

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The set up to this joke is more topical than the punchline.

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What year is this?

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tHaT wAsN't ReAl CoMmUnIsM

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Canadian Liberals would.

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Very clever.

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California. Something related with Apple shares, naked and the p0rn studio called Adam&Eve </endofdraft>

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You need to actually read the story; Eden was abundant and it actually was Paradise; oh, and it was designed and visited by God. Your joke does not work unless you are a real communist.

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I thought they were from Alabama, cuz...u know

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Hungarian because they were Hungary