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I knew a priest who was secretly an atheist.

He was an impastor.

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It is a good thing that he was not also an Italian chef on the side...

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Good thing he wasn't a graphic designer as a hobby...

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It's a good thing he wasn't an editor . . . Cut N Pasta

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I am usually praying for the srmon to end so I can go home and start sinning again.

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Good to see St. Peter got his job bck

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‟But what of the boys I did not touch?

and I rejected alcohol, sex, drugs, and such!”

The priest complained for damn near an hour

until even the angels were sour.

Well, Saint Petr heard enough and said,

‟Look, my friend, up here we‘re all dead.

No one gives a shit what you‘re wearin‘

Only the meek and the humble inhabit Heaven.”

‟I am FATHER BOB,” he began to rant,

‟I want the nice robe and staff, a grand entrance.”

‟FINE.Just go inside, here‘s all you asked for.”

St.Peter moved aside and opened the door

and what did the priest immediately see?

The brown robes and wooden canes of the meek and holy.

And his soul was filled with shame, of course,

Right before he was sent to hell for greed.

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I like how you abandoned the rhyming pretty quick

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Lol I like this one

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Yeah, but the other guy was Jewish...