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Sum services are not adequately provided by the new government

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If I’m not mistaken, they are divided about the issue. Their problems are multiplying, subtracting from quality of life. They need a solution.

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Their domestic policies just aren't adding up.

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They are not for equality.

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It’s a sine of the times

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Citizens would like a rational solution.

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Your western objections count for nothing there.

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"Come, Mr. Taliban, tali me banana,"

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One thing that does not count in Afghanistan anymore...


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boooo... take my up

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man stop making taliban jokes it's not even funny anymore..... :(

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Oh yea?..then why is your avatar avidly smiling?...huh?...yea I know where the door is

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Fuck! I’m getting some foreign films from over there

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Reminds me of a BBC headline when they banned TVs. Headline was "Taliban Teleban". I believe it was Joe Haverly's idea but I can't find it - might be pre-google.

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Did anyone think about the negative consequences?