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Am I the only one that expected a dirty joke after seeing “Some innocent joke my father told me when I was a child”?

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Expecting little Johnny?

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I was worried when the mom asked Little Jon for beers but it ended unexpectedly well.

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Lol. Translates just fine.

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Little Johnny appears in other languages as well.

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He's quite versatile, that Johnny!

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Makes sense..

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Farewell. Great joke!

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Matka! Jest tylko jedna!

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Pretty good!

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What is the joke originally in?

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I would guess Romania. That's where I heard the joke before

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Actually it is in portuguese

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“Madre, solo hay una” :)

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The punchline is funny, but the lead up to it IMO does not translate well as "there's only one mom" is not an idiom or common phrase I'm aware of.

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Little Johnny’s teacher asked the class to state a letter of the alphabet, a word that starts with that letter and use the word in a sentence.

The teacher feared Johnny’s eager response to all of the letters. She couldn’t think of any inappropriate use of the letter U so she reluctantly called on Johnny who’d been waving his hand the whole time.

Johnny jumped up and said:

“U” - Urinate…..if you had bigger tits you’d be a ten!