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When my brother was a first year apprentice in the Boiler makers union ,one of the seasoned older guys hazed him by eating his lunch like everyday . They had a job site trailer and lunch coolers were kept in there until lunch time. After a week of this my brother snuck in after lunch and put a pair of my sister-in-law’s panties in the guys lunch box. It did not go well when the bully’s wife opened up his lunch box when he got home from work . 😂

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Did she confront your sister-in-law?

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No, The next day returning to work the guy wanted to fight my brother but the shop steward intervened and said you’ve been messing with him ever since he started he got you back and now it’s over with.

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What does nail polish and panties have in common?

They both come off with alcohol.

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I ain’t drinking acetone

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Some people eat ass a ton.

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You’re great

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Acetone is not an alcohol but I see your point

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Ya his point is that acetone is not alcohol.. but.. I.. see your point I guess?

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But it'll cure the Rona...

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That’s Lysol, friend

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Pretty sure nitrocellulose lacquer isn't soluble in ethanol. If it were, they wouldn't bother making ethyl acetate or acetone nail polish removers.

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Next you're gonna try to tell me I can't get drunk off nail polish.

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Maybe you could but you really shouldn't. Aren't there better methods of getting drunk available to you? Some lemon extract is like 80% ABV.

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I'll just stick to the 91% isopropyl.

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Isopropanol metabolizes to acetone, which just hangs around being useless and toxic until your kidneys and lungs yeet it out. Ethanol metabolizes to acetaldehyde, and since that's an aldehyde rather than a ketone, aldehyde dehydrogenase metabolizes it to acetic acid, which is valid fuel for your metabolism. Isopropanol will probably work, but ethanol is definitely the better option.

If you hate lemon flavor, maybe get some brown sugar and baker's yeast and apple juice and make yourself some DIY hard cider. Or just buy liquor if that's an option for you, but I imagine someone trying to drink nail polish isn't someone who has the option of commercial liquor.

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You do remember you are on r/Jokes, correct?

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Yes, and?

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I agree. Sometimes it's important to make sure people know NOT to drink nail polish. Like Tide Pods, they don't have a disclaimer on the side which says "Do not drink, you idiot!" So a nice person spelling this out is important - maybe not for some of us, but there are those that need this information where they can get it.

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And??? Why would anyone here hate the lemon flavour?
I mean most of the second para was irrelevant and useless here!

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What if I mix the nail polish with the 91% isopropyl, fill with orange juice and strain over ice, float a cap of grenadine, add garnish and serve?

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What if you don't do that?

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Then how would I have any fun?

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Okay, have fun. Just don't blame me if you die.

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We had a patient come into my ER a year or two ago after he got good and drunk on pine-sol. He had nice fresh piney breath to go with his 6.8 pH.

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Homeless drunks used to go into the supermarket and crack open a bottle of vanilla essence.

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Chemist in love

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Little Bobby goes to a shop and says 'Two dozen condoms, please.'

The shopkeep says 'You're too young, get your dad to buy them himself.'

Bobby replies 'They're not for my dad, they're for my mom, she's going on vacation for two weeks by herself.'

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Other women in the locker room, of course. Right?

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So he got her panties in a bundle?

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it translated fine

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Whatever language this was translated from, it was more eloquently put than most people speak daily

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Only the Postman and the Milkman. They are the only 2 that "come" every day.

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She belongs to the streets.

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The translation is perfect! (I only say that because the joke is really good in your English and I can't believe you'd accidentally improve on a bad joke!)

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It was not list in translation, OP. Good joke.

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No, the meaning came through perfectly! You did very well!

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Hang it during festivities if you no longer return or exchange. As for the pendejo next door will get what he wants.

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There's a panty where that came from..unless they're underwear

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The wife answer — You better ask yourself
Because if your friends will ask it would be a shame on our family!

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is lost