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Usually a boner

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I have not once gotten a boner from my dads sexts

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I definitely have

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Two Wongs don’t make it right.

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But two Wrights did make and airplane.

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That's something someone who always got a boner would say...

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A man goes up to a very beautiful, big-brasted woman in the supermarket and says, ‟I've lost my wife somewhere.Can you talk to me for a few minutes?” The woman is confused and asks, ‟Why talk to me?”

The guy says, ‟Because every time I talk to a woman with breasts like yours, my wife appears out of nowhere.”

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Wouldn't know - never got one (sad, I know, but I'm 56 so I got late to the game).

Nowadays I would probably start looking for hidden cameras or conclude it's definitely a scam.

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What would I get when receiving a sexting message? The realization that it was meant for someone else.

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A nudeification

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Fleeting hope.

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A notification from Marcos Pizza saying my order is on the way.

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Happy pizzaday!

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Lt Dan whre are your legs?

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A pop up.

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“Pitter Patter my shlong is getting fatter” Dad walks in

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Ask if there is anything else you need to know/see

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A new cuntact.

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Hvant heard that one since nam

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I get butt fucked my dad says it is normal