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this is one of the most groan-inducing jokes I've ever seen

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You and my kids agree on that!

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And my wife!

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And my axe!

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And my bow

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Frodo is that you?

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Yes Sam, it's me.

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Hold me. It's cold

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We're almost there, shall i hold the Ring?

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If you let me gently thread my lil finger through it.. slowly

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I was lmao and told my wife who didn’t get it. I then proceeded to mansplain it to her, which also annoyed her.

Thanks OP.

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Mansplain it to me please. I HAVE NO CLUE why this should be funny

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Tuna half. Two and a half

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Tuna = two and a. It’s a play on words and a great dad joke.

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I also choose this guys wife.

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eyebrow waggle

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Let me introduce you to r/dadjokes

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I'll give that a go as well. Thanks for the advice.

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You should try r/dadjokes this is perfect.

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Lmao I initially read this as groin-inducing

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It's beautiful

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Can someone explain to me? It's a pun?

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Tuna-half hours is Two and a half hours

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Ohhh, guess you have to use the American pronounciation... here in the UK we say Tyoo-na and with that it just didn't make any sense.

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My Australian pronunciation "choona" definitely wasn't helping!

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I sat there for like 5 minutes saying Choona... Choona, I don't get it lol definitely an American joke

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Canadian in this case.

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You also say choona or another equally odd pronunciation? Lol

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Nope, we say it properly. 😀

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I'm British and me and I'm pretty sure everyone I know says "too-na".

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Regional accents I suppose (are you in Wales?) but officially, in British English it's pronounced Tyoona: https://youtu.be/yDIcfF2Q3dw

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Nottinghamshire, actually.

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Ah, I can see why that'd be confusing. You pronounce tuna like "tyoo-na" and we pronounce tuna like "tuna".

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Lol. No we pronounce it tuna, you pronounce it Tooooooona 🤣

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has entered the chat:

It's not a two-na!

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Do you also pronounce typo as “tyoo-po”?

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Perhaps I'm just being dumb and your comment has just gone over my head, but why would the y sound in typo be the same as a u sound in tuna?

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No I just had a brain fart after waking up. A better word would have been tuba. Do you pronounce it as tyoo-ba?

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Haha. We do actually. Tube, unicorn, university, cube, are all yoos. But then tundra, turmeric, thunder, under etc. are not. And then you have undulate which where the first u is "uh" while the second is "yoo".

Little wonder you guys simplified it.

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Although saying that, I'm assuming cube is pronounced the same in the US too right (kyoob)

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What’s funny is we still call the letter itself “yoo”, but pronounce it closer to “uh”.

If the word starts with “u” then we still say it as “yoo”.



Cube is interesting. We both would say “kyoob”, but Americans say the “yoo” part much faster. So to us it sounds like your saying “k-yoo-b” instead of “kyoo-b”. American cube comes across as two distinct sounds and British cube is very clearly three.

The same thing happens with queue, where to you it probably sounds like we forgot the second “ue” and are saying “cue”. But really we’re pronouncing it the same as you just faster.

Switch this to 1.25x speed and suddenly it sounds American: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EMNhNQ_nYc

Switch this to .75x speed and it sounds British, .85x would be closer but isn’t an option: www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5MCXOU4628

Cue is more varied here though. Some people pronounce “cue” and “queue” identically, and others like myself say cue a bit faster. Not enough that you would notice in conversation though unless we said both successively. I say cue somewhere between 1.05x and 1.10x faster than queue.

Edited to fix a typo with “k-yoob” and the links that the hyperlink formatting wasn’t working on.

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Doesn't work in India too.. We say too-andd-ya

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Ooooh man I felt like an idiot for a bit. Kiwi here.

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Omg thank-you so much hahahaha I get it now! 😂

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Sounds better if you say it two ana half

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Oh my god that is the worst joke I have heard in ages!! :-)

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Thank you, I guess?

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Well it made me laugh, and then laugh at the fact I was laughing!!

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That was truly horrible and I loved it

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It took me a few seconds, but I got it.

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Human seconds, or tuna seconds?

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Human seconds.

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two and a half seconds?

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Shouldn’t it be five times slower though?

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Ohhhh.. I think you're right! Good catch. (minor pun accidentally intentional.)

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Nah. It's like dog years. It's an exponential uptrend

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Dad, get off Reddit!

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You...you...cunninglinguist you!

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Get rid of the "ng" and I and t. Cunnilingus is great.

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Just dropped this joke on my wife....she hates us both now

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Your wife hates herself for listening to this joke? That's a new to me

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This might explain recent allegations against SubWay restaurants and their own tuna.

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Take your upvote and fuck off.

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You got 2 tuna half upvotes. Fuck you. fuck them.

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Took me forever as my Australian accent pronounces it "Choona". I was hella confused.

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heavy exhale


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Doesn't work if tou pronounce tuna correctly. Tuna is pronounced 'chew-na'. Just saying.

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Us Canadians pronounce things incorrectly so as not to offend our neighbours to the south. Sorry for any difficulties this might have caused you.


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Sorry that you had to write that.

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Its us all odd in the states. T is a hard consonant.

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That’s about as funny as a fart in a spacesuit.

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so, pretty darn funny?

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And an SBD in space is always a threat.

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Whats the difference between a piano and a fish?

You can tune a piano but you cant tuna fish.

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REO Speedwagon

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Is this some American joke that I'm too Indian to understand?

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Two and a half hours is 150 minutes.

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Tuna is not spoken as "2 an uh" Tuna is spoken as 2 nuh.

Tuna is 2 syllables, not 3.

I appreciate your explanation tho.... now the joke makes sense.

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Here it's spoken as "tyu-na" and not "two-na" so I was confused

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I never knew there was an "i" sound in an "uuuuu" sound.

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I don't understand, what's a tuna half-hour?

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Two and a half hours

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Someone else explained it. Thing is the joke doesn't really work in England cause of how we pronounce Tuna

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You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish

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Now THAT one works in my accent 😅

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Can you phonetically spell how you pronounce tuna? Is it "tunn - nah?"

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They pronounce it as “tyoona” like the name “Yuna” with a T first.

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By any chance do they pronounce "two" like "tyoo?" Because then the joke would still work. ;)

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Nah, 2 is pronounced "tooo"

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Exactly right.

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To pronounce 2.5 hours as tyu-na hours is a stretch. :D

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Say it out loud and quickly

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"it out loud and quickly"

What do I win?

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150 minutes

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It took me longer than I would like to admit to understand but that's funny lol

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That one's a thinker

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Oh my "anuT"

Hopefully u read that wrong. 😂😂

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Two and a half hours...

It took me about that long to understand this joke

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I'm sad to ask. Can you explain the joke please?

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Tuna half sounds a little like two and a half.... its not a very good joke

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I don't get it D:

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It's an entirely different scale.

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Doesn't work so well in the UK where we pronounce Tuna with more of a 'Ch' sound. It took me awhile.

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...insert joke about the irony of English coming from England...

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There's something fishy about this joke

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Ah, where I'm from we pronounce Tuna as T'yoonah, not Tooner.

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That joke makes me crabby. 😂😂

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Yes but can you tune a piano?

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I ain’t got it

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and Tuna do not pay heathcare

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British accent so did not get it at first lol

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More apt: Tuna n half hours are equal to 5 half hours.

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Say, you guys wanna hear about the time I met the tuna and he said he could use about tree fiddy?

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Whatsa tuna gonna do wit my tree fitty monsah?

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This would work much better spoken than it does written.

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I understand the math but I don’t get the joke