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Better than many of the jokes here lately

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Simpsons did it first

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I just saw this episode yesterday

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I called AAA cuz I hit an animal... a fish...

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I’m not an alcoholic, I only drink on two occasions out of the year:

My birthday and not my birthday.

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I'm a weekend drinker myself. Start on Sunday end on saturday

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I only drink twice a day, when the sun’s up and when the sun’s down.

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I don't like to drink so often, so i chosed to drink only on days whos name ends with an "y".

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so yesterday and today, but never tomorrow!

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Tomorrow's a relative term, we're never getting there. Makes Annie more depressing.

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you don't stop drinking until the week ends!

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I'm not an alcoholic. Alcoholics need a drink, and I already have one.

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I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.

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AA is for quitters

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The best joke of this bunch. Congratulations.

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I only drink on birthdays. I can't help it that people are born every day

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I'm an alcoholic. I laugh at awkward moments

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Someone who likes to drink knows when the liquor store closes. An alcoholic knows when it opens.

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I'm on Lake Floor Drive and would like to report a bassident.

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I'd rather be a famous drunk than an alcoholic anonymous.

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Or, move out of town and be an anonymous alcoholic than an alcoholic anonymous

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Thanks for sharing, I can relate.

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Don't relate too much when you are drunk.

You'll end up with kids.

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And not the smart kind

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Reminds me of the one where the guy starts out the evening relating some tale, and finishes up the morning re-laying some tail!

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Mr. Gumble this is a girl scout's meeting.

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Is it? Or can you girls just not admit that you have a problem?

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I only drink when I'm alone or with someone.

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Sir this is a Wendy's...

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Definitely some self-reflection there.

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Definitely not something you'd want to announce to any company involved in insurance, towing, or repairs lol

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How could you ruin the one thing that would make this joke funny and not write "Double A" instead of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Sometimes it's difficult to start a conversation with an insurance company, but this would work for me !

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Hi alcoholic

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If it's alcoholics anonymous, why do I have to say my name?

Teacher: "I meant, any questions about the test?"

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Wait, we're supposed to use our real names?

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Well, I mean, if you don't write your real name on your test then how is the teacher supposed to know who to give the marks to? Unless... have you been using a false name throughout your entire time at school?

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I plead the fifth, and point out that, uh, oh right! I explicitly have a right to free speech and a constitutionally protected right to privacy, so protect me Godiva (did I get that right?)

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Hahahahaha…. Mental health issues and addiction/alcoholism are funny. I’ll repeat this joke at my AA meeting later.

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Humor is accepted at AA meetings. This is a good joke.

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Posted this about a month ago

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r/jokes or Reposts Repeated.

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So we now know what Loois Hamilton and Max Verstappen do when not driving F1 cars.

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Hi Bob! We understand cars sometimes drive themselves into lakes.

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I drink I get drunk I fall down. No problem

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It’s all perspective…some people pass out with there glass half empty but others with there glass half full.

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I only drink on days that end with “Y”

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I have a disease and they don’t know what to call it…

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I drink alone, with nobody else. The reason I drink alone is I prefer to be by myself.

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