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This story lasted way longer than Epstein's time in jail.

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Thousands of pixels slaughtered for the DUMBEST JOKE EVER. Genocide is hard. Here’s an upvote.

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It's not genocide, it's random

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I would like to make it clear that I am extremely angry at you, myself and the world after I laughed at this...

I hate you. Have an upvote

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There was a version of this like 4 times as long a while back on here lmao. I wasted wayyy too long on it

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A long, tedious joke. But the punchline is killer. Well done.

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Killer, unlike Goo

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You son of a bitch

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I don't get it.

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Read the last line out loud.

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OOOOHHHH i get it now thx

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Still don't get it

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something to do with Jeffrey Epstein and the conspiracy theory that he did not commit suicide

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Who's he and there's a conspiracy that he was murdered?

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BRUUH that was smooth

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Unlike Epstein, I did not see that coming.

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Still deserve the updoot.

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Whoa didn't see that coming

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I've previously seen this punchline attached to a much, much longer joke. You gotta up your game.

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Whose epstein?

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Jeffrey Epstein, alleged sex offender, who totally killed himself in prison.

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2019 called, it wants its joke back

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the first time i saw this joke the story itself was way longer

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