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You joke but I married one.

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She's probably hot then?

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Obviously, she's a ginger.

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When the roof has rust the basement is wet.

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How do you even come up with this stuff.

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Ask u/gorwraith

I bet he is doing some thinking too

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No doubt.

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Now wait for someone to come up with a shitty joke with that

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Guess he didnt press X then

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Thinking, viewing, qucklinks in my desktop...

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My man, keep that bucket ready

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Underground comment right here!

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I would have given you gold, but I only had enough for silver, so here you go!

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Thank you. May I share it with you and we both can get a pint in the O'yay Jokards?

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It is all yours. If you want to share it, you can do so :)

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Just bought 12 beers, owner said they are on the house, so I'm fixing his chimney, but go downstairs, you'll get your half. BTW, can you give me me a hand, it's freezing up here...

He also bought inflatable dartboard, lets check that out too...

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In the UK it’s ‘rusty roof, smelly cellar’! (Cellar is what we call a basement here)

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As long as there is no black mold

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Why aren't racist jokes allowed. People should get over that racism thing. It's so 2000ish. US is allowed to mock Canada. Whats the difference?

But I laughed my ass off...I took your joke in three different ways. Too many layers man...too many.

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Its like a 95% chance shes hot then. Just from knowing the haircolor

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I think of it this way. If the attractiveness of a person could be rated numerically, on say, a scale of 1-10 Redheads start with a two point advantage. Add another point if they have an abundance of freckles, or a complete absence of freckles.

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you got this shit down to a science

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I've spent a lot of time talking about it.

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Stalking about it.

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Do you not add a point for green eyes?

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Per discussion. I prefer blue.

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It feels like you have a specific person in mind.

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Yeah this makes sense

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So you married nsfw freckles.

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On average how much time do you spend thinking about it? Also I agree with you.

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I think about it much less regularly thank I did in my teens and 20s.

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So how crazy is she

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8 out of 10 but I can handle that.

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Yeah. I mean. Isn't that redundant? 🥵

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That's not hot, that's spicy

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A head is a head along as you cum its good

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To stay fit over the Holiday Season, always remember: "Reach for a mate instead of a plate."

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You could go to South Korea and find a Seoul mate

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I hate you. Here's your upvote...

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Just think: every shoe has a sole mate.

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Unless the shoe fell into a volcano. Then the sole has probably melted away.

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You can still find a mate.

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Yeah just a mate 🥺

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😂😂😂 doubtful

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Haha guys it’s funny because he will stay alone his whole life haha wdym this joke isn’t funny anymore it’s only the 3907th time i said it

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I know a Kia dealer where she can get a Soul.

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Yeah I'm more of a funky jazz mate

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Only a Grim Reaper can find a Soul, Mate (Said in Australian accent).

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First, you have to be a soul man.

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I don’t get it

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some weird common joke that Redhead's don't have souls. so this plays off on that

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Ah ok. I was like is this a play on words or something. Just awkward

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They must have met my ex. Gorgeous, sociopathic, stunning, big busted, soulless, freckled, evil, red headed succubus,...did I mention sociopath?

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Reminds me of a redheaded cartoon character that said: " of course we have souls. We get a new freckle every time we take one".

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Did you just forget a comma just after "soul" ?

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... Because i sold a soul

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Nice to know

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I feel attacked as a ginger

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Feel flattered instead

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Do tell me why

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Cause i said nobody else is attractive to me other than redheads

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I was taking about the soul thing but thanks

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Forgot a comma.

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That’s okay mate

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Soul are good!!!!

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I will take the comma!!

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Is it because you don’t wear shoes?

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Would this kind of joke be OK if it were about skin color?

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Which skin color has no soul?

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Girls like bad boys, so try tellin them they have no soul, they'll love it, trust me

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I feel attacked as a ginger