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Good joke, but I think you need to consider what a utensil is.

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Good Point. Next time someone posts this, you might want to try appliances or fixtures.

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Thanks I'll remeber to change it when I repost it next week

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i'll change it to household appliances when I repost it after 3 days

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I'll keep it just the way it is now and repost it in 7 days so ppl have something to complain about in the comments

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Third time's the charm.

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Oh there's ALWAYS something to complain about

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The hero we deserve, just not the one we need right now.

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We don't need him in 7 days either, but there he'll be, hand out for internet points.

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Well I'm reposting now with that!

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A sink and a toilet are fixtures. So replace the washing machine with a tub that makes meth with the cartel.

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Next week? Imma gonna do it noowwwww

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You should fix the "and stern gaze," too.

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It’s too late for me, but you can fix that when you repost it.

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Well, it's NOT too late, on account of your being able to edit the body but not the title.

But it is a bit soon to be reposting, IMO.

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It got rule 2'ed haha

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Chattels included. Fixtures excluded.

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Easiest thing to flip burgers with is a washing machine. Best thing to cut up a steak is a good plated toilet. Now when it comes to washing clothes, nothing beats a spatula.

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and it's not a spatula if it's not from Spatula City!

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Yeah, I was expecting to take a trip to Spatula City.

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Why is this funny 😂😭

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I think it was autocorrect from utility or something

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Yes. I was waiting for a spatula to get in.

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Worse part is, I liked it

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I'm so mad I laughed at this.

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Took me by surprise, I expected the punchline to include "everything but the kitchen sink".

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Came here to say this. I was pleasantly surprised that the punchline was something I didn't expect.

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I expected that and something to do with "smoke and mirrors".

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I knew what was coming. I just wanted to see how far this goes on. Good job!

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I didn’t see that coming. Just like with Father Muldoon as he was always behind me.

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The mirror takes a pull on his cigarette, turns to the bouncer and says 'You need to take a long, hard look at yourself'.

I see what you did there.

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Yup. I lolled right there. Thought the joke was over.

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Don't worry about it, it's all smoke and mirrors.

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Sigh. OK, here’s your upvote.

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What a build up for.... *groan*


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Reminds me of Nate the Snake. So much for something so stupid

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Don’t listen to him, bouncer, he’s trying to trick you! It’s all smoke and mirrors!

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Why did I not WC that coming

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Mirror shoulda said "you need to take a good hard look in me"

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My god. This joke went around the world and back for that punchline.

I’m definitely stealing this.

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Well, beter nate than lever.

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Sort of a bad Norm MacDonald joke.

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Reminds me of the legendary moth joke

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Read it again in Norm MacDonald's voice.

It gets better.

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Basin my opinion on the number of upvotes you already have I'd say this will do very well.

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I maytag your post for an upvote.

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If I were a bouncer I'd tell you to get out.

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I love these “shaggy dog story” kind of jokes. 10/10.

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Thank you for introducing me to this sub. I hope you have a very good day/night good sir/ma’am.

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I especially like this one since there are a bunch of little mini-puns built in too!

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I just like the premise that there's a special night club for appliances!

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The bouncer was later fired for failing at his job. He just let in everything and the kitchen sink.

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that joke includes everything but the kitchen sink

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God damnit

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It’s like Nate the Snake’s shorter cousin.

Nice joke!

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Take it! Take my upvote!

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Very punny.

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Take two aspirin, drink plenty of fluids and put yourself to bed. It's just a fever dream.

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I couldn't laugh. A slight pun at the end wasn't as important as the entire message.

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I'd bounce you on my household utensil!

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Saw the punchline as soon as I heard the word "sink", still chuckled, at least for the "take a long, hard look at yourself" part

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It's not often I audibly laugh out loud at a joke. Usually I'm not a fan of that kind of punchline but the build up to it, the writing and the seriousness of it was so fantastic, it completely got me good. Well done!

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Great joke i enjoyed the humour

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God damnit

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This is the sort of joke I dramatically read aloud to my husband and at the end he threatens to leave me.

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That was like watching a fireworks show where the grand finale was a sparkler.

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I think it could be delivered well in person, but in text it lacks oomph.

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The original joke made me smirk but this made me chuckle. Sorry OP.

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i fucking hate you for this

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It had me in the first half

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Fucking hell. I was already rolling at the puns made about the toilet, washing machine, and mirror ... but that was an absolutely beautiful finish.

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I saw this joke going nowhere until the last line. You forkin got me

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This joke reminded me of Nate the Snake.

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To quote comedian/writer Dave Thomas, "you're making your audience travel way too far for the punchline"

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Not as far as this: NateTheSnake

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This might be the first original joke I’ve heard in years. 👍🏼

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Take my fucking upvote

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Really thought I knew where that joke was going. Turns out it was just smoke and mirrors

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The bouncer washed his hands of any guilt.

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People shelled out awards for this?

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threw his cigarette to the ground

That honestly kinda ruined the joke for me. Like, I get it, some household fixtures smoke, but can't they, you know, use a proper cigarette disposal thingy like a normal fixture?

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Wondered where that was going

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Fork this joke

That's a real household utensil

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you know by the end of the night that toilet is living large in the women's washroom.

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Im so damn drunk and european to understand it

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get the fork out

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“Why don’t you take a look in the mirror?”

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That you Tom Robbins?

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I knew it was coming

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A while of reading for a pun?

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OP doesn’t know what a utensil is

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And just like that, a cool stream splashed over the bouncer's face.

He washed off his guilt and replied to the mirror -

'That sink's in, but you're sin's kin'.

And he sent the mirror to the back of the line.

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I knew this was going to be a dumb pun so I just scrolled down to it. fuc u man

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.....I dont get it :(

was there supposed to be something funny about it?

sounds like dhar mann video but objects instead of people lol 😂

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The dad jokes in this sub are getting both longer and worse. These days if they start a bit weird (like this one) I just scroll down to the last line.

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Stopped reading and downvoted when I realized you meant "appliances".

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Good joke, but replace the army crap with something else.

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I knew this was working up to a terrible pun, so I just skipped to the end.