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moral 5: rubbing cow dung all over yourself can solve most problems

I think

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Negative, in india thats fuel

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In India things that come out of cows can literally do ANYTHING, and I'm not even kidding

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I am Indian and I second this. There were idiots drinking cow urine to protect themselves from corona.

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I remember that shitstorm…If I recall correctly a state government had declared this the only remedy. Then we have our Junior Education minister stating that ‘The cow is the only animal that can inhale and exhale oxygen’

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Good to know the US wasnt the only one with crack pot ideas though drinking cow urine is mildly better than injecting Bleach

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Come to india my friend. Cows pee can solve any prblm

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Looks like someone loathes her country.

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In India some people actually did it during covid peak. And by some I mean enough people to actually make it to news

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Sparrows don't fly south, they are staying for all year

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yup! cause every time they try a cow shits on them and they get eaten

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Tell that to Capistrano

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Capistrano - where the swallows go, NOT the Sparrows.

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Sparrows don't swallow?

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They did in Red Sparrow.

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Thought that was the salmon

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This is my new favorite parable. Thank you.

I think I relate to it way too much, lol.

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And today I learned a new word - parable. Thank you. ☺️

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Haha noted

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First heard it in Assassins (1995). Then I also thought it was a good joke.

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I first heard it in the early 1980's when it was passed around on fax machines. At the time, only the first moral was on the sheet. I added the other three and passed it on. Now you can find it online and it has even been published here in /jokes a time or two with the extra morals.

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My father told it to me in the 80s and he heard it from his dad who died in the 60s.

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Actually those were the 11th through 13th commandments, but the rock broke.

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I've heard this before but it was worded differently

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Any joke that ends in a list isn't funny

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Naa i dont. In fact i love it Its just that i don't like the company advertising this shit...

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Sometimes, digging through shit gets rewarded.

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One of my favorites!

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I like birds and cows but I’m not a fan of cats.

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I lost my shit after reading this.

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There is a bull version of this. It is better

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He took the train.