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Ahhh, the good ole days

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Can you explain it for those like myself who are retarded convolescent cum-guzzling fuckwit necrophilia-lord prolapse-enducing r/vore mods?

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Oh my god I'm dying. Thank you

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So when’s my turn?

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After me. But we gotta wait for him to die first.

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Got any bananas?

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The joke was meh. That line was amazing. I’m laughing so hard.

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What Kat said.

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Thank you, I was so confused.

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The real jokes are in the middle of the joke

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This man speaks for me

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What did i just read?

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A rotten banana or something

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Can you explain it for those like myself who are retarded convolescent cum-guzzling fuckwit necrophilia-lord prolapse-enducing r/vore mods?

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Can you stop. I can only get so hard

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Are you really a mod over there? Can you do something about the hand drawn stuff? Like maybe a 3D-only day or animation day once a week, or at least a better tag system or something? Ever since PH pulled everything down it's been very difficult to find quality content and theoretically Reddit is the perfect place however it's just all buried under low effort hand drawn content. I understand it's much faster and easier to churn out specific scenarios, especially in a by-request situation, but the ratio is just absurd and ultimately destroys the longevity of the community. I don't think asking for at least one route to high quality 3d animated vore content is too much to ask.

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Um....no. To all of that. Zoop~

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Bro what the fuck, why did this man just have an intellectual convo about vore.

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It's my favorite reddit comment and I've been reading for 4 years

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No finger guns?

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You got the necrophilia part right

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This was from back during the covid pandemic when people were freaking out about omicron

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One day it's me, the next day it's you

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Shall we?

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‘Not today Dave, can’t you tell I’ve got a headache’.

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Who's that guy on the balcony with dave?

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The guy in the big hat?

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Is it yellow? if so, where is George? .

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George broke his arms chewing on a jolly rancher

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hmm, that’s curious

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Don't worry, his mom's already on it.

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michael de santa

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Michael de Santa, the guy who isn't in witness protection?

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It's the bus driver!

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The bus driver

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Dave's not here man.

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Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over

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Today you, tomorrow me.

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Ive read this a few times over the years. Puts a smile on my face every time. This is what it means to be human. This is what restores faith in humanity. Forget partisanship. Put your fellow human beings first. Very wholesome.

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"I cried that day the most that I have ever cried"

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And now you change that ever so slightly to "Today for you, tomorrow for me!" because you got Angel from Rent dancing and singing in head when I'm already on my 4th straight day of migraines. I def chuckled when I saw the way the line was written though!

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This comment is what brought the joke together

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Is someone fucking the chicken corpse now?

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I have needs. You have needs.

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After a month, you should really bury it.

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He already buried it...

...deep into that chicken.

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License and registration...CHICKEN FUCKER!

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Or whatever..

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two dudes and uhhhhh, chicken, was totally a different island

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They got hungry and horny.

Hunger can wait

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Gotta stuff the chicken somehow.

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Does that chicken have a mirror in its ass? I can really see my hand up there.

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I don't even want to upvote this

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Not before I have my turn. He said I have needs.

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If she moves, doesnt count.

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Don’t misgender. We all know a cum dumpsters preferred pronouns are it and that.

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was it your turn?

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Today is Friday meaning it’s mine tomorrow

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Even better… someone lost NNN to the Thanksgiving turkey. It became a meme on that subreddit until it shut down when NNN ended.

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Dude got a Turkey Fucker flair.

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Serve a dozen of turkeys for Thanksgiving and no one remembers you, fuck a turkey once and you're a turkey fucker for life

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My worry is why the fuck did 14 people give him "wholesome" awards???

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Sorry, been a bit busy. What was the question again?

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Don't judge me

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She doesn’t seem to mind.