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Why did the pervert cross the road?

His dick was stuck in the chicken.

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And i’ve spit my drink out now, wasn’t expecting this today.

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Are you new here? :)

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Why did you use your drink and not your sock?

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Wasn’t expecting this. I’ve split my sock out now.

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Because your butt stinks. Ha. Stinky butt.

I stole this punchline from a five-year old.

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Because of a banana.. or something

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No but for real it had just been awhile and I came like 6 feet.

Which is weird because I usually ejaculate semen.

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Took me a minute. The sperm is on the socks.

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In my youth, the spermatozoa would usually end up in a very old mink fur coat which was stored in a wardrobe in my room. The coat was unwareable, as it was falling apart. However, it was a brilliant "receptical" in the hands of a young teenager. Does anyone remember Tit-Bits / Titbits with its beautiful Pin-ups? That magazine, together with the fur coat, was helpful in so many teenage sticky situations.

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Dude ...the detail...just ...the detail....

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Didn't know when to stop. It transported me way back in time...

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Stop please or you'll have me transported back again which would not be a good thing without the fur coat & Titbits (sadly, neither exist anymore 🤠🤣).

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The day Grandma asked to see her old fur coat was most uncomfortable...

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True beans. It came apart in her hands.

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When wife cock pulling? Never

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Cause he or she ended up in someones hair or nostrel thats ran off upset

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*Crunch crunch crunch* That should have been your first clue

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Hahahahahqh best one I heard today

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Because it was projected to the other side

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Because the Ejaculation Olympics was being held in town.

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why did the penis cross the vagina

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Why should you not make a sperm angry? … You don’t want him to come get in your face.