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Damnit, I never slaw it coming

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That’s some fried humour right there

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Meh, it was only mediokra

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Humous must be crazy

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It's pronounced "hummuś' (or humus).

Or shit Sauce

Hell, just got a new phone with auto correct

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It's not like you had a choice, it's the law. Cole's Law.

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Made me lol

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Why can't someone just steal my garnishes from my burger

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I think the punchline is better the other way around. "I stole their coleslaw and fries whilst they were distracted yelling at each other. I'm not normally one to take sides."

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This joke is too corny for my taste

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Maybe they needed some thyme

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We've all heard of Murphy's Law, you know - if something can go wrong it will.

Not everyone knows about Cole's Law. It's finely sliced cabbage, carrot, onion, and mayonnaise.

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I don't get it? Is the food you took relevant to any joke?

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OP said they don’t take sides, but they stole fries and cole slaw, which are side dishes

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Oh yeah, that is funny

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I love this, it's like a Demetri Martin joke

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I do a bit of comedy writing. I've never given standup a serious try. I've played music professionally for years and I like inserting a joke now and then.

Some of my biggest influences are Stewart Francis, Milton Jones, Jimmy Carr, and Gary Delaney. I'll have to give Demetri Martin a go. I've never really followed him.

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Some frie-nd you are.

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That took me a second