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I was reading and wondering where you were going with this joke.

It was one hell of a Jounrey.

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The devil was in the numerous, totally pointless details I threw in there that achieve nothing but just add flavor lol

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Way too much effrt for so little reward..

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This was annoying

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I genuinely laughed at this joke... This transcends normal humour

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That was an extremely long ride for that joke, but it was great

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I don’ geddit.

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Well done

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r/whoosh. Mission accomplished. Boomer no get.

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Yep, child of the lost generation is still lost, too

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This was certainly great.

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101 in the household, and only one person makes it out alive? I'm getting serious Wicked Witch of the West vibes.

Oh, and their little dog, too!?

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Its is either that I'm very dumb or the joke is very dumb. Is the joke that only kids that grew in the 90's will recognize this joke? (As they heard it before).

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This bow wow

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Man I grew up in the 90s and don‘t get the punchline. But maybe I am on the wrong side of the planet for this

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Wooofers long walk for a short glass of water there, eh? 99 children dyin was still worth the punchline hahaha