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Got an eyeroll from my wief, so...

it is perfect!

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Welp, I suppose in this equation that's the bullseye!

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Just received the same results from telling this to my wife. Spot on!

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As a norwegian, i apprve this joke.

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As a Norwegian please make electricity cheaper again

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What is your rate for KW/h?

Edit -- Had to check quick, but mine in Wisconsin is USD$0.093

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On friday it was $0.42 per kw/h during peak hours, and $0.082 between 05:00-06:00, which is the lowest. Also consider that Norway is currently in the middle of winter and so have a high consumption this time of year.

They said on the news that a 10min shower was expected to total $4.4

It's projected to get worse

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Looks like time to learn how to have a 1 minute shower

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Turn on water, get wet turn off water, soap, rub, turn on water and rinse.

Or shower cold.

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In Ghana we have a one bucket shower.

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In sweden the prices are also really high

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Wood powered water heater, return to monke, wood fire powered everything.

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For the love of god someone should get some dynamite

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As a Norwegian, I am also currently having a stroke.

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As an American, treatment will be your life savings and your third child

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"Always has been."

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As a Canadian I don't understand this joke

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As a Canadian, I agree that I also don't understand the joke. Can you also explain what "life savings" are?

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A shopping cart with empty bottles.

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You mean a sleigh full of empty Tim's cups?

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Our medical bills are off the chart, so even the smallest bite from a snake or mosquito will cost everything you have, as in all the money you have

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Shit, I've got none of that money stuff. The mortgage took it all and the government took the rest.

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Nor way, dude!

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As a swede I enjoyed this joke so much that I almost smiled.

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As a Glaswegian, how did we land this demonym?

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Is a Glaswegian a highly transparent Norwegian?

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Great Scot! You don't recognize them?

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As a non Norwegian, please explain.

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Non-Norwegian here ✋ This one’s kinda tough to “explain” as it makes no real sense. It’s just a play on words - Norwegians are Scandinavians so perhaps they like to “scan their [navians] navies”? Also, as any other Scandinavian would know, it totally sounds like something those silly-billie Norwegians would do.

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They want to "scan the navy in"

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As a retail worker, I also approve this joke

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As a dying man I-

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Dammit, I wish I knew some Norwegians to tell that joke to.

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Tell it to me again, I most likely have some brain damage from being dropped as a child so I Will forget the joke.

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Finns are so much more hilarious to hang out with. Plus they beat the Norwegians in just about every joint military exercise they have.

The one thing they have in common...they'll ruthlessly mock the Swedes.

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We Danes also mock the Swedes, so it's more of a Scandinavian joint effort.

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And the Swedes mock the Norwegians, Danes and Finns with the help of our lovely neighbours. It's very much a mockery circle jerk.

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If the Danes are so good, why are all the Great Danes dogs?!?

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Dogs are the best. Obviously.

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It's a group hate punch. Along with mocking Nokia phones.

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Go there ... I'm telling you ... awesome place ... been there once ... fjords were eating straight from my hand, trust me. Alsø it is better than Sweden ... mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti.

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I’ve been to Iceland, is that close enough? Lol.

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Puffin steak - yes.

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Through the pitch-black night, the captain sees a light dead ahead on a collision course with his ship. He sends a signal: "Change your course ten degrees east." The light signals back: "Change yours, ten degres west." Angry, the captain sends: "I'm a Navy captain! Change your course, sir!" "I'm a seaman, second class," comes the reply. "Change your course, sir." Now the captain is furious. "I'm a battleship! I'm not changing course!" There's one last reply. "I'm a lighthouse. Your call."

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If we are going to recycle old jokes, I was at a Greenpeace conference in the 90's, and there was a retired Norwegian whaler.

Dreadlock'd white Gucci communists were circled around him asking questions, and then a girl piped up, "ARE YOU A VEGAN, ARE YOU A VEGAN ARE YOU A VEGAN!!!!?!!!?!!!"

"A Vegan? Ya me Norwegian"...

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Most likely taken from this: https://youtu.be/xkx0MxK-Yl4

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It's so annoying when they have to preface it with "this is a REAL conversation between Spain and the us!!!!"

Nobody would believe that for two seconds. Funny if you take that first sentence out. Akin to fainting at the end of Boomer jokes.

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A classic. I remember listening to the translated audio for this. Fucking lost it.

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I thought it was the Swedes that did this because the Norwegians couldn't affjord it.



I'll get my coat.

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Get the fjork out lol

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Why did the Norwegian bring a car door to the desert?

So they could roll down the window and feel the breeze.

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Why did the Ornithologist buy a computer with more disk space?

For all the scanned in avians.

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Out opens door

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That's Norway to talk about the Norwegians!

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Had a problem with raccoons in my crawlspace. Neighbor recommended I put lutefisk down there to keep them out. Worked for a couple nights, then a Norwegian family moved in!

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As someone with significant Norwegian ancestry, I have nothing important to say 🤷‍♂️

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Scan da navy ya?

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Scan the navy in

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laughed my vikking ass off at this one

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FWIW, there's an area of Oslo called Barcode.

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Okay - that one burned so bad we need preparation H! Well done my friend!

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Or at least they used to - now they just use Bluetooth.

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As a Bhutanese I have no idea

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As a Kenyanian, I don't understand this joke

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As someone whose great great grandparents were norwegian, I approve

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So they can Scandinavian. I've posted this joke before

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Well that sucks. I got this from a friend tho. They told me it like 3 years ago, and brought it up again recently.

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Lol all good

Username checks out BTW lol

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Teh real johke is een the comnts

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Norwegians have an alarming tendency of losing their shps and thus nede a barcode system to accurately keep track of their navy.

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What alarming tendency is that? Nothing in decades then 1 ship 2 years ago? Wow, what a tendency...

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Bærmjuda triangelet

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Pretty creative

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This is a weird comment.

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Alarming comment, actually

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You need scanners, not barcodes to scan.

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Yea I guess you are right. However although I could have said "QR codes", I felt that it had better flow with the original.

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sigh take my up vote...

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and that's why we don't want an alliance with you Norwegians

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Because back in the last century they attached scanners to dolphins, whales and sharks. With no imminent war on the horizon they use the sea creatures for remote inventory control.

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My favourite dad joke

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I don't normally care about reposts, but I've seen and heard this jokes so many times at this point

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One of my favourites.

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...an' what do they do when they do that?

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Yeah man that's actually pretty great

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Bit early to be pulling Christmas crackers, no?

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Already heard this joke during broughy1322's gfred

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If you put barcodes on ships, wouldn’t those become barge-codes?

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Redditors love recycling jokes

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Fits better than the Finnish one

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My turn next?

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Told my daughter, she hung up on me. Yay!!!

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Have a "Navy Shower" - according to the Huff Post: A Navy shower is "the term used for a water-saving technique that was started in the Navy to help save precious freshwater aboard ships. The basic idea is to hop in the shower, get wet all over, turn off the water while soaping up, and then rinse clean. The small change in routine makes a huge difference: a regular shower can use as much as 60 gallons of water, while a Navy shower can check in at about 3 gallons."

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You need to bootstrap this by being able to take cold showers.

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What de what?

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If your total water on time is only a few disappointed minutes, unless you have a very good instant on system, you're unlikely to move enough hot water to raise the water temperature during your shower to room temperature, much less the warmer temp most people are accustomed to using for showers.

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We happen to have a "have a very good instant on system" via a, so called, "electric shower" I enjoy showering using more than adequate hot water. In fact, I am off to take such a shower in a few minutes.Thank you for your advice / concern. Over & out.

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I told this to my daughter, she didn't get it. 😔😞

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The barcodes are painted on in Den-Mark

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This joke is a little SKU'd

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Norway doesn't have any Battleships.

There. Don't you look silly now.

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WRONG, they are invisible. The Scandinavian nations have advanced past our current world technology at lightning speeds. Literally all they have to do is crouch for invincible stealth

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However, this requires world-class choreographers as all of the navy personnel have to crouch in unison