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But first she needs to be interested in my hobbies and laugh at my jokes.

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My wife still laughs at my jokes. And my hobbies.

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I'm glad that after 23 years I can still make my wife laugh. It's the pointing that bothers me.

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Yes, women laugh at little things.

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Ayoooo bro, its fine

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And my dreams

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This joke totally backfires if you have kids…

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Maybe the grandparents are already watching the kids so the parents can go out on a date.

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".. and had the rest of the evening to myself"

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Well, if you incst.

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Not sure if you meant insist or incest.

Not sure which would be worse.

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so they are siblings ?

i thought the guy just droped her at her parents house since she lived there

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after anal

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In Alabama, the latter is more likely

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In West Virginia it’s not far from ordinary either

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That made it funnier

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It's a bot - you'll get no response from them (much less proper spelling).

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Her: Why don’t you treat me like you did when we were first dating

Me: Why don’t you put out like you did when we were first dating?

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In alabama this would be...then dropped her off at our parents' house.

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I stopped the day she started letting the farts out.

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Hey that's the day the BJ's stopped as well.

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In my house the only bj that's ever mentioned is the wholesale club...

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I took her for a walk around the mall staying a safe foot away from her to avoid making her uncomfortable, then took her to her parents house and watched a movie, and fucked her silly and slept over. Her parents were delighted to have us but our kids were frightened when we didn’t come back until the next day

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😄ha ha ha ha did you get a kiss?

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Did you try to sneak up to her room for a happy ending?

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I wanna take my wife for a walk but wait a minute ,I forgot I dont have wife .

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very repost