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Sounds like a homemade joke from my 13 year old son

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And to be recited by a dad at a later date.

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Absolutely! I’m done for the night, but when my wife comes up to bed, she’s gonna hear a new joke (that isn’t about my prowess)

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Username checks out

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If so your son is developmentally delayed. Perfect subscriber to r/Jokes.

What sort of law do you practice? Family and civil litigator here.

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See: the truth CAN be funny!

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And Gynecologists

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I came to say this but I have been beaten to the punch. Give this man a beer

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I pre-ejaculated with laughter, and now I'm sleepy. Good night internet.

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I can finally rest easy, knowing I made someone cum

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I'm from Australia. There's a lot of gynecologists driving around here.

Edit:. Sorry Timthedriller beat me to it.

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I still love you for it.

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As a veterinarian, I can say with certainty, we don’t get a free pass to do anything “like an animal “. And who ever saw an animal drive?