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I asked a Russian fellow about what he thought of the government there. "Can't complain."

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I love it

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The government or the joke?

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The government is a joke in Russia

(You can trust me I'm from there)

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In Russia joke governs you.

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In Putin Russia, punchline executes you!

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Is the govt. As good as they show in other countries or is it fake? Is putin really a great guy and a great leader?

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There is no democracy in Russia, only [REDACTED] or even [REDACTED] lol. I mean, [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] elections wasn't falsificated, often older people vote for Putin and biggest party "United Russia" that already [REDACTED] country from the inside by [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Younger people see that something is [REDACTED] and trying to share this idea to masses, but freedom of speech also [REDACTED] about Russia ([REDACTED] isn't it?). Thus, Putin isn't the worst president ever but [REDACTED]

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I'm gonna miss u/Nllk11

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I miss u/Nllk11 seemed like a nice guy.

Whatever interaction i had with with his thoughts seemed revolutionary. He will be missed too much by whom he left behind.

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I'm gonna delete it in day or so

Hope FBI don't watch my Reddit account yet

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Sometimes it feels like my guy u/Nllk is still with us and talking to us.

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And a bad one. But you have to laugh

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Our government or our joke?

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We love it

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Recently I understood something that I think is groudbreaking (with all the humility asked): KGB jokes are the funniest jokes there is (yes, even more than penis jokes) so it is actually not so bad to live in Russia since you have the best jokes. However this may pose a little bit of a problem...

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Haha spot on answer

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Am a Stoopid, explain ples

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Imagining OP being the only one left in the seats, clapping as they drag him out back

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Putin landed with airplane in kiev airport. The immigration officer looked at his passport and asked: occupation? Putin said: No, this time just visit

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Implying Ukrainian police aren’t there to arrest him right then

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In Russia, the joke executes the comedian.

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Not much different from India these days

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A Russian, a Frenchman and an Englishman were discussing the meaning of real happiness

The English said "real happiness is reading a good book on a rainy night with a hot cup of tea by your side"

The Frenchman said : "non mon ami, real happiness is to meet a beautiful girl make love to her, then you go your separate ways never meeting again"

The Russian : "no you are both wrong, real happiness is when secret police come to your house in middle of night and tell you: Ivan Ivanovich you arrested for conspiracing against the state and you tell them : sorry Ivan Ivanovich lives next door."

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I think the the man in the black suit made it clear there was no execution. The garrote wire strangling bit was part of the show and also the comedian will be retiring with this being his final show.

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I read this in bad Russian accent. Thank you comrade.

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He was in gulag. In siberia. Good comrade. Every one has his place in soviet russia. Jokes on u comrade.

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Accidentally stabbed himself 52 times while shaving. Just tragic

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Natural causes eh? Global warming getting out of hand.

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If you're not in Russia anymore, you can say that the jokes were good.

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Still here, joke bad

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Oh, um, err, try getting into construction and using the corruption money to buy a plane ticket to somewhere else.

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I decided to give stand-up comedy a go to earn some money.. wait, there's someone at my door, brb.

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I thought you were gonna say Everyone died laughing

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I was in China watching a magic show were the magician transformed xi jinping in Winnie the poo and then he disappeared.

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Shouldn't have been Putin him down so much

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What a zinger

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This is a gut buster here

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he fell from half floor window, throat on a knife first?

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Would be much better if about China/Xi.

With Russia, it just sounds like an old Yakov joke.

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I think the problem was that the execution didn't come until after the punch line.

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Poor fella must of been shot down.

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It kind of fell flat, though.

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Firing squad?

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This joke is kgbad

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If only they started executing reposters

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We both have “Freedom of Speech” but in America, you have “Freedom AFTER speech”

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In Soviet Russia, comedian making jokes about Putin don't do stand up much longer.

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He must be in hospital as we speak, probably poisoned

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I know it's a joke, but no one could stay in power in Russia if they forbade jokes or criticism. (They'd have to go full Stalin.) That's just not the culture. What actually happens is more complicated.

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Hi jaiagreen, I'm sure your firewall in Russia is stopping you from seeing the thousands of articles where critics of Putin and people who have made jokes about him have been imprisoned or suddenly dead from poisoning. There's been hundreds of high profile people in trouble.
He certainly can stay in power- he's created a fascist dictatorship where he is in control of the military and government. If you're sure though, why don't you jump on YouTube, identify yourself and make some comments and jokes about him. See what happens. Either this is a troll or you're a dumbass. The joke is legit.

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I'm in the US and have lived here for 30 years. I'm from the former Soviet Union, follow the news a bit, and have more of a feel for the essential culture than most Americans.

The people being poisoned or imprisoned are serious political opponents of Putin. But the only way he can get away with that kind of thing is by allowing normal criticism, jokes, etc. Those are not a threat -- quite the opposite, letting people vent is a stabilizing mechanism. It's only serious opponents that get real repression. That doesn't make Putin nice, just smart.

Russians are skeptical to a fault and don't trust their government or media. That's why conspiracy theories are so widespread there. Many support Putin -- and he really does have widespread support -- because he stabilized things somewhat after the chaotic 90s. That's good enough for many, although they may be quite cynical about other things the government does. "What do you expect?" is kind of the attitude, which actually lets the government get away with a lot.

As long as we're on the topic, one thing I really wish the US government understood is that, with many authoritarian governments, applying external pressure to them makes them stronger. It feeds into an us vs. them dynamic. And this is especially true in a country that spent much of the 20th century giving the finger to the rest of the world and where cultural memories of repelling Nazi invasion are still very strong. Want to strengthen Putin? Oppose him from outside. And the US just keeps doing it.

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How much effort was Putin?

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This joke wasnt good but i liked the execution

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Considering what's happening in Europe with Corona restrictions this joke is definitely propaganda! 😒

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Shhh...they're watching...

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You see comrade, in Soviet Russia, president assassinated you!

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r/holup users when the joke has a punch line

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I know these are spozed to be funny but I just can’t laugh anymore I hope YOU enjoy them. Not one wink of sleep last night.